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[Guide](WIP) Dougie's Guide to Survival

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Work in Progress thread, any feedback is appreciated :D

This is a guide for SA and new players in general, some parts will be IC while others will contain OOC information... This is going to be a pretty big read, so if you want to save yourself some time and agony I would suggest looking at the chapters below and quickly finding information about what you are looking for.

This is a guide about survival and the many aspects of it... You will need to educate yourself on all of these if you want to survive for long out here.


1. Beginning

2. Threats to your survival

3. Surviving and Thriving

4. Extra Help

5. Final Notes

Chapter 1 (Beginning)

So you're here. We all have our own stories, some have lived here for years, some are were vacationing here, and some were lucky enough to be the only survivor of a plane crash. No matter how you got here you're here, and now you need to figure out what you'll do next...

Most of us weren't prepared for this, and don't have much other than the clothes on our back, so we'll need to get ourselves a few things to boost our survival chance. The majority of us find ourselves near the coastline near Chernarus' bigger cities such as Chernogorsk, Eletrovadorsk, Berezino and Svetlo. Your first thought is "Perfect a big city means a lot of people which means a lot of supplies..." Wrong! Most of the people who lived in these cities took what stuff they had and got out of there, then others have come through and taken what's left...


You're best bet is to head to smaller villages where people coming through haven't thought of checking. Bandits don't hang out here too often, and you will most likely find what you need here. There are a few things that you'll want to try and find to increase your survivability:

Clothing: You'll want to find yourself some pants with a lot of pockets for storage and a well-made shirt. If it's hot outside don't put on a heavy, wool coat, please use common sense here... Find darker colored clothing; things that blend in with your environment, not a Bright, Neon yellow shirt because you will make yourself easy to spot. Prepare for the future, so you might want to grab a rain jacket for a rainy day, or some sunglasses for a sunny one.

A backpack: This is necessary for you to survive... It will allow you to carry around your necessities, without this you wouldn't be able to carry any of the rest of the items.

An Axe: Find one of these for the future, they're good for taking out the infected and useful for cutting down firewood. Make sure you find one!

Matches: It may seem like common sense but don't forget to find some of these... You don't want to be rubbing sticks together for hours, do you?

Knife: Useful for just about anything; Whether it be cutting up some rope or gutting a deer, you'll need this tool to keep yourself alive.

A Gun: Although you may have found an axe, or some other form of melee weapon, you will still want to find yourself a gun... It will deem itself useful whenever you find a deer in the wild or someone tries to hold you up. Arm yourself!

Food and Drink: While your looting around make sure you keep an eye out for food and drink. A good source of food is the many Berry Bushes around the country. If you take your time and get the right berries, you can easily get a good supply of food. There are two main types of berries that can be found commonly around Chernarus... You'll want to make sure you get the right kind!

Canina berries are the only edible berries that can be foraged from berry bushes. These are the berries that you want because consuming these berries will relieve hunger without risk of poisoning. These berries are red and resemble a mistletoe.


Sambucus berries are the only poisonous berries that can be foraged. DON'T eat this berries, you'll be in a world of hurting if you do because consuming these berries will cause food poisoning. These berries are blue and resemble a blueberry.


This is common sense, you will need to eat and drink to keep yourself going so make sure you find something.

Shoes: Look for a good pair of shoes. Whether it be some hiking boots or some jogging shoes, you will need some quality shoes because you will be very mobile in these first few days!

Another item that isn't necessary but is definitely useful is some sort of light source, for example, a road flare or chemlight. You may also be able to find a gas lantern or flashlight; no matter what it is, you will wish you had one on a cold, dark Chernarus night so keep a light source on you!

When looking around in cities and towns, keep close to buildings and cover, you never know when you may come under gunfire, and may need to duck into a buidling or alleyway. When outside of cities try to stick to the more wooded areas, and make an effort to not cross through wide open spaces like fields.

Find what you need and get the hell out! No need to linger around the towns and cities where bandits and infected hang around.


Welcome to the DayZRP ladies and gentlemen! We are all here to role play but more importantly have fun!

This is a whole new game boys and girls, so we can't play it like the mod... You get hungrier and thirstier a lot faster so finding food quick is essential to starting out on a good foot. Look for ponds and apple trees for easy access to food and water. With persistence in the game, finding things isn't necessarily harder, but you have to know where to look. Looting through a big city like Cherno or Elektro isn't gonna get you much, so you want to head to smaller villages inland because they are the goldmines.

Now you know a little on starting out, but before you get in gane, you need to make a character to play as, do something you enjoy but make sure you fit it into the Lore created for us to base our role play off of. It's completely up to you as to what you want to role play but keep it reasonable. No super soldiers!

We are in Chernarus, right near Russia so if you are playing a Western character you will need to make up a logical story as to how they arrived here...

Make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules before you go in game!

Chapter 2 (Threats to your survival)

There are two main threats to you out in the world and that is Infected and Bandits! You need to know your enemies and their weaknesses so you can fend yourself against these two!

The Infected

The infection is spreading, people you once knew are turning into monsters with the objective of eating you! Anything you thought you knew about them from the media is most likely wrong, they aren't slow and dumb like you may think. These infected are a real threat and there are a few ways to avoid/defend yourself from them.


Noise: Be quiet! Use melee weapons and lower caliber guns when possible but try to avoid firing your weapon because it will only attract more of them! When in areas where you suspect there to be infected, you might want to take things slow and crouch or crawl around so you make less noise.

Sight: Just because they are dead doesn't mean they can't see! If you spot an infected, make sure it doesn't spot you! Stay out of their field of view and don't do things like skylining or carrying around flashlights in the middle of a city at night. As soon as you are spotted, you'll have to run, so stay out of their view!

It is a misconception that headshots are the only way to kill them. You can definitely take down an infected without shooting it in the head, but a headshot is your best bet. Other body parts make take more shots like the chest while a good, clean headshot will normally take down your foe in one shot. Save ammo, and go for headshots!

ALWAYS attack from the rear. The most dangerous place to be when fighting an infected is right in front of it, where its mouth is, so do your your best to stay behind it. If you do find yourself in front of one do your best to get behind it! They are clumsy and it may take them a while to turn around, so take advantage of that!

If you have been heard or spotted, you're best bet is to run! Make your way through a house or two because it may take them longer than you to make it through, but make sure you don't get yourself cornered in a house! There's no need for a fight that might alert more of them in the area, make your way away from the infected to the best of your ability.


These are your biggest threat in the wasteland! This apocalypse has changed many people for the worse and many people are extremely dangerous. All of them have their reasons for doing what they do, some want to eat you while others need your gun or can of beans! No matter the reasoning, they still want to bring you harm, so stay away from them at all costs!


They hang around the populated areas: The coastline, big cities and military bases inland. Anywhere that they think people might go to, they will be waiting at, so try your best to avoid these places.

If you here gunshots, run! Gunshots = trouble...

Either they're killing infected or they're killing people, neither of which you want to be apart of if you want to stay alive!

Just because you are out in the woods doesn't mean you're safe! Always assume you aren't safe and sleep with one eye open! If you find yourself in a situation where a bandit has got the upper hand, it's always best to just do what they say. Most bandits don't do what they do because they like it, but because they need to... Your life isn't worth a tin of beans so don't be stupid. If you find yourself in a situation where you think you're screwed either way, you'll want to aim for the vital organs but make sure you don't hit any protective gear that will stop your bullet.


One last tip for preventing and fighting threats is to always keep your head on a swivel. Be aware of your surroundings! Make sure you check behind and all around you because you never know when an infected may be lurking behind you or a bandit is stalking you through a town.

Be safe out there! Watch out for these threats!


The Infected

You're first thought might be "Ahh, they weren't a problem in the Mod, so what's the difference now?" Remember, this is a whole new game with whole new mechanics! You can't hide in a pine tree anymore and zeds can ruin your clothing and items... They pose more of threat than they did in the mod, however, there are a lot less of them running around!


Although this is a role play server, it doesn't mean that there aren't any bad people! KOS is obviously against the rules so if someone is going to do something hostile to you, it will almost always be in the form of a robbery.

In the IC portion of this chapter, I made a comment about avoiding gunshots/big groups... Now from an OOC perspective, don't ever avoid a chance to meet and RP with someone else, I mean, we all came here for player interaction right? So take every chance you get to talk to people, there are some great RPers on the server and if you hide in the shadows you will never get to run into them!

If you have read the rules then you will know of Valuing Your Life. We are all playing characters who are meant to be realistic, so if you are outnumbered, then you most likely will want to comply with the demands of the robbers... Always act how your character would in any situation, so if you are a schoolteacher you probably are going to be very scared and nervous when being robbed. But, if you are playing a "Billy Badass" it doesn't mean you can't be scared when someone is pointing a gun at you. Always play as realistic as possible, don't mouth off when a guy has his gun in your face.

If you feel someone has broken a rule, feel free to report them...


Use this template to make one!


Now this doesn't mean go report someone because you don't like them Out of Character or they stole your gun in game! Make reports because you feel someone is providing horrid role play, is Killing on Sight, is not valuing their life, etc.

Chapter 3 (Surviving and Thriving)

You've got the essentials and you know how to defend yourself... So what's next? First off, if you want to stay alive you'll want to keep yourself well fed.

Nutrition: Eat a balanced diet! You want to make sure you keep your self well fed with different types of food. Meat, fruits and vegetables will all help you keep yourself healthy. If you are well fed and hydrated, your body is able to "rebuild" itself and recover naturally from any injuries or sicknesses you have gone through. The more physically active you are, the hungrier and thirstier you will get; So take some time off from running around and find a good place to pitch a tent, and start a campfire. Get as much rest as you can because you never know what tomorrow holds! So make it a priority to stay healthy through eating right and keeping rested!

Hunting and Fishing


A good way to keep yourself full and energized is to go hunting! It may be a tedious task and very boring, but it's a lot better than foraging through a destroyed city and constantly being under attack by bandits or infected! This is where the knife that you hopefully obtained earlier comes to use because once you do kill the big Stag or juicy rabbit, you will need to skin and gut it. A simple field dressing is all you will need, but make sure when gutting that you wear some gloves to help prevent disease! Once you have gutted the animal that you killed you will want to properly store the meat! A basic method of preservation is salting the meat! Once you've done that you may want to find a cooking pot to keep the meet in or maybe a cooler... You don't want the raw meat hanging out of your pockets!

If you don't want to hunt, or just prefer the coast, another good source of food is fishing... It seems that the ocean and fish don't have any correlation to the infection so you want have to worry about that... If you can't scavenge a fishing pole, you may want to find a nice Ash wood Tree and get one of its sturdy, but flexible limbs! You can easily attach some fishing line or string to the end and make yourself an improvised pole. Tie a fishing hook on the end of the pole and now all you need is bait, you can easily dig up some worms with a shovel or catch some crickets out in the woods! Now that you have your means of fishing, all you need to do is find a good fishing hole and be patient!

If you don't like the idea of fishing with a pole, you can take an old water bottle and push the top inwards, then take off the cap, creating yourself a little fish trap. Stick some bait in there and hopefully you'll catch some sardines or other small fish!


Hydration: This may seem extremely obvious right? Keeping yourself hydrated is kind of a given? Well, you'll be surprised as to how many casualties the human race is taking because of dehydration! One thing you will want to find is a water bottle or cantine so you can store water as you move around. If you can't find yourself something to hold water in, then you will need to find a water source. Whether it be a stream, lake or pond, you have to get yourself some H20! If you do have a cantine or bottle keep an eye out for wells that you maybe able to pump and get some water. Keep yourself hydrated!

Now just because your belly is full and your thirst is quenched, it doesn't mean that everything is A Okay! You never know when you will twist your ankle and take a fall or have major blood loss, so you may want to know how to make yourself a crutch so you can help yourself walk because you most likely won't have anyone out there to help you.

-Take 2 sticks that are sized according to your height and wrap an old T-Shirt or some other cloth around the top! Now you've got yourself a nice little crutch!

-One day you may eat a rotten apple or some raw meat, and the next day you may not be feeling so good. You need to purge yourself to get all of the bad things out of your system. Do this by either filling yourself with too much water or food and make yourself throw up! I know it doesn't sound fun at all but it will save your life.

-So let's say your fighting some infected and one cuts your arm open, you lose a lot of blood and are feeling lightheaded. Well, you'll need to get some blood back, so eat lots of meat and keep yourself hydrated... If you can find a doctor in this shithole then he may be able to help you out. If you are lucky enough to find an untainted blood bag in one of the old hospitals, you'll want to use that but make sure you use the correct blood type... Getting the wrong blood type in your system can and will KILL you!

One day, you will get tired of the nomad life and want to make something more permanent. There are many houses around Chernarus but you want to be careful when choosing one... Find a place that is secluded and remote, far away from the big cities and towns where the Bandits and Infected hang around. You want this home to have a steady water supply nearby and maybe a greenhouse for growing some tomatoes or other vegetables. Hopefully at some point you will be able to full sustain yourself.


Others may still like the Nomad lifestyle, so a good way to sustain yourself while avoiding big cities is to start trading. Like they say "One man's trash is another man's treasure" so you might want to carry around things that aren't particularly useful to you but you may be able to trade for with someone else that you meet. As a trader you will want to stay neutral to the majority of people you meet and try your best to not make any enemies while still not letting people bully you around.

Banding together is another way of keeping yourself safe in this wasteland. Along your way you will meet a good amount of people, and maybe one day you find a group of people who invite you to be a part of them. These people will have your back and you will have theirs, the core behind banding together is the idea of "strength in numbers." Other groups that you meet along the way may not always be friendly, and people banded together to rob others is a dangerous sight, so you may want to scout out groups of people before approaching them. But, If you want to thrive in this apocalypse, it may be wise to make friends who can help you out!



So you've survived the first few hours, good job! It's not easy in this new environment... Well, what do you do now? One good option is to setup a base of operations, find a house away from the big cities and hunt or fish. Some like to stay mobile and move around the map meeting new people, which is perfectly fine too. Do what you like, have fun!

Playing by yourself can get boring sometimes, so a lot of people join one of the many groups that roam Chernarus. Check this out, and maybe you'll find one you like.


There's a lot of cool groups out there so you'll most likely find one you think is interesting, but if one doesn't suit your taste, then you can make your own! Joining up with others is a great way to keep yourself alive and shoots you right into some role play so I'd recommend it once you've gotten a feel for the server!

Good Luck out there, and stay safe!

Chapter 4 (Extra Help)

Here are a few threads that might help you out! Some are a little outdated but still useful!

Moxy's Wondeful Guide to Boost Your FPS in SA


TrilbyAsh Basic Roleplaying Guide


Ayton Hunter's Thread on Initations (For the bandits out there)


Papa Emeritus' Getting Robbed Thread


SafeString's Guide for Creating a Character


Tamaster's Thread on Persistence


Mace's Thread "So you want to be a villian"


Zombiwhat's "The Art of Warplay"


Chapter 5 (Final Notes)

Well, if you've read this far then maybe you learned something... This is all my opinions from my personal experience out in the wild, so take it or leave it. One final suggestion that I have is don't lose hope. I know the world has gone to shit and all but you need to keep on keepin' on, no matter what happens and never go bad. There's already enough of these bandits, cannibals and god knows what else running around at there, so don't become apart of them.

Good luck out there cause you'll need it!



I know, a lot of this is common sense, but if anyone has any threads or videos that they think I should add let me know. This is a Work in Progress like the game, so if you think I should add anything let me know and I'll try and squeeze it in somewhere! I'll continue to update the thread as new game mechanics come in (vehicles, persistence tweaks, etc.).

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Wow, you put a lot of work into this and it looks very well done. This is a pretty good guide. Good Job

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Best SA guide for newcomers so far, very good job. You might want to add whats safe/unsafe to eat since there is a lot that can get you sick of. Might be many hardcore russians out there that thinks that drinking cleansing alcohol is perfectly safe, my character did :D

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ooh very nice, gonna read this when I log from SA in an hour or two :)

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Guest Shadow

You forgot rule number 1...

Never trust anyone!

Other then that a perfect guide for the massive amount of people who seem to be struggling with this game :)


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Very nice!

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You might want to add whats safe/unsafe to eat since there is a lot that can get you sick of.

That's a good idea, I should add something about berries and such...

ALWAYS look behind you every few mins :)

I'll try and squeeze that in there somewhere...

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You might want to add whats safe/unsafe to eat since there is a lot that can get you sick of.

That's a good idea, I should add something about berries and such...

ALWAYS look behind you every few mins :)

I'll try and squeeze that in there somewhere...

Dont forget, blue is good, red is bad


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The 'balanced diet' thing struck a chord with me. This past weekend I was running around a lot, eating a lot of canned food and keeping well hydrated, but I noticed my character never reached 'healthy' status until I went to some apartments and ate a lot of zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, oranges and apples.

Hadn't heard anything about this anywhere else, and don't know if it's a real thing or not, but it seems as though an apple a day really does keep the doctor away.

... and of course, Excellent guide. Thank you. #Dougie4CH2014

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The 'balanced diet' thing struck a chord with me. This past weekend I was running around a lot, eating a lot of canned food and keeping well hydrated, but I noticed my character never reached 'healthy' status until I went to some apartments and ate a lot of zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, oranges and apples.

Hadn't heard anything about this anywhere else, and don't know if it's a real thing or not, but it seems as though an apple a day really does keep the doctor away.

... and of course, Excellent guide. Thank you. #Dougie4CH2014

Yeah you have to play like it's real life, the game is a lot more realistic and the nutrition system is very realistic. You can't just eat one kind of food, you have to eat a variety. I'll try to continue updating the thread and such as the game evolves.

Thanks for the kind words!

Edit: On my phone sorry for typos

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-Added some about Berries in Chapter 1.

-Other random tips throughout.

-Fixed typos.

Would love some suggestions on how to make this guide better!

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I don't know if you think it is worth mentioning, (this hasn't worked for me) But I hear, you can shut yourself inside a house and the infected cannot enter, as long as all entries are closed. Might need to test it out fully first.

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It's good. Don't forget about finding a source of light for those dark nights. You don't want to be left fumbling in the dark.

Also passing the time by reading a book or by writing a journal. Also it's a good idea to leave a note in your house if your leaving to go somewhere, that way people don't assume it's just an u looted abandoned house.

Besides that all I can think of now is the proper way to kill, skin, gut, and cook an animal-- and proper storage of said meat. Cooking pots are a great way to not only store your meat but also to cook with (someday). And perhaps a section on trapping and fishing.

On my lunch break so if I think of more I'll do add it later.

Which reminds me... medical needs. First Aid and the like. Proper way to mend broken bones, easy way to purge your system of poisons, what is saline and what do you use it for, as well as how to tell when someone needs a proper blood transfusion as well as the dangers of using the wrong blood type.

Great guide dougie. Really nicely written.

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Can I get a TL;DR?

haha just kidding, good job buddy :)

Yeah, I think I might add some spoilers here and there and maybe a summary with key points...

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Awesome guide Dougie!

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Nice little update man! Keep it up :)

Just a quick note, I'd add some pictures to it you know?

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Nice little update man! Keep it up :)

Just a quick note, I'd add some pictures to it you know?

Yeah, it needs some pictures! I think I'll add in a Map soon too!

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