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Ghost of Levi

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CH1 Utes - Listening to the world.

"Ridiculous" he mumbles while leaving lake prud, "keeping an diary, well I guess vincent has a point, I am forgetting alot lately, maybe i should...";

As he grabs an little red notebook from his pocket he thinks to himself "I don't even know where to start" as he sits down leaning against a tree in the middle of

old fields to see any "visitors" far in advance.

As he stares into the distance he grabs his pen and just starts writing down whatever came into his mind:

"I was told to make an diary, and I guess I must agree to this but I dont even know what to write down....

im literuarly talking to a book here... well I might aswell be nice enough to introduce myself to this"book".

Hi book, The name is levi kloosterman, I'm 22 years old and as you may know, currently the world isnt doing

too well the dead are eating the living and whatnot, Its been... how long now?... 2-3 years I don't even

remember anymore. I came here Some time ago, to this godforsaken land with propeganda put into my head,

I truely beleved back than that I was "Fighting for those who couldnt" But in reality I was just cannonfodder

for the russians, Today its an completely different story, today I truely am fighting for those who cant

as noone else will do it for them.

I was stationed here long before the undead happened, On death trap Island... Utes It was an US base and I

was one of the Few non US personel there. I got there a month before the initial reports came in, together

with a couple other guys from the netherlands We never left the island and all I did day in and day out was

monitor radio traffic, the job was boring and depressing but someone had to do it.


An Image included in the journal

On the island itself we didnt notice alot, hell I still have audiologs in my backpack, including the ones...

I was drunk on We didnt take our job seriousely, and entertainment was hard to find on Utes, only a few pc's

with internet and your phone was pritty much useless on that island, news papers did so now and than arrive

however it was either in russian or american news papers that were 3 weeks old, so we were never up to date.

The only thing we had more than enough of was alchohol but that gets boring really really fast if its the only

thing you can do in your spare time.

The first day I noticed something was on the 27th of july 2012, if it werent for my audio logs I wouldve never

remembered this date. Life went on as usual on the islands untill militairy broadcasts increased over the net,

at first we suspected it to be an exersise but it was made clear that it was no exersise at all, martial law

was enacted in and near Zelenogorsk. The officer in command, an old cold war luietenant-kolonel who sounded like

he was dying when he was talking turned extremely paranoid and feared the russians were up to no good it was then

decided that reconisance flights were going to be made over the aeria of Zelenogorsk, the pilots returned with

Horrible images wich still disturb me today. it wasnt until late that day that we recieved an radio broadcast

originating from the CDF, stateing mass civil unrest was occuring and that martial law was enacted, even tough this

intel was extremely worrying for the stability of the regeon the commander decided that this

wasnt allowed to leave the building we were in. I clearly remember, up to this day, the horrible images of men,

woman and childeren being ripped apart while the CDF was just waching it happen.

The folowing day was the first time we actually had solid information on what was going on... "solid"... the media

didnt use the term infection yet they stated that mass civil unrest occured due to an rabies like deseace they didnt

go into detail probibly to prevent mass panic, but for us, in the radio room, we didnt need detailed information

we knew exactly what was going on. militairy and what apeared to be some form of malitia broadcasts were on the radio

nonstop the screams of soldiers as they were torn appart and the crying of men in an language none of us understood,

it wasnt untill later that day we truely faced the horrors that awaited us, late that day an chernorussian aircraft landed,

inside were, what we now call the undead, 5 of them tied up and escorted by docters of the WHO, they were wearing hazzmat suits

and the undead on the table were missing limbs, filled with bullet holes and with some you could even see their organs they went into an empty building

and no personel regradless of rank or unit was allowed to enter, there were patrols 24/7 around the house and any atemts to

even get near it were punished heavily. troughout the remainder of the day the docters entered and left the building,

we could only guess what was happening inside, today, I know what happened inside. And thinking of it already makes me sick.

Truely disturbing news hit us when I read an news paper wich one of the WHO docters took with him, it was an local newspaper

with an verry accurate description of how these infected acted, this was also one of the first ocasions that the infected

were called zombies. Troughout this day, bombings occured on towns and villages

we could observe these actions by the centimeter as the radars kept us up to date, however every once in a while

one or two of the planes would simply just dissapear off the radar, wich puzzeled many as there was no explination

known for these events.

This day the 30th was also the day orders were handed out for our troops, seviral aircraft arived with personel of seviral nationalities

they only remained on the island to refuel their planes as they quickly left and joined the fight that was happening not far from us.

I still remained save, in my radio tower, I didnt know why but for some reason I toughed everything was going to be just fine....

ive never been so wrong.

The next day, was the day that everything changed, even on our little island of utes, Boat after boat returns with american forces

covered in blood, as I was helping them off the boats and treating the wounded, this fella started screaming, I cant remember what

but he than blew his brains out.... in the boat there were 4 induviduals that were bitten, they were instantly escorted to the same

building as these corpses were moved into, I overheard one of the docters say something about being immume to the virus.

Up to this day, I still think its bollocks.... ive seen many being bit, and noone survived..... noone.

Days pass, weeks, even months on the island of utes, and it had turned into an efficient self sustaining militairy base,

on an dayly base fighter planes still left the island to bomb the towns and citys but this quickly ceased as munitions

turned scarse, only targets of upmoste militairy importance would be bombed...

I dont quite recall when... but someday after new year something happened, I still cant explain but one of the WHO docters

got infected, he took 5 others with him, the guards patrolling the building at that time, I freaked out, I didnt know what to do

even though it were only 5 of em, noone had weapons, as they were all locked up in the armory, and attemts to get into it only led

into more infected....

I dont know what made us do it... but me and a friend of mine came up with the plan to take an helo and fly off the island,

if i look back today, I wouldnt have done it, I would have remained on the island and hoped for the best, I might have died yes,

but I wouldve been off way better than I am now....

We successfully managed to get to one of the helos and fly out, but we had no weapons.... no food... and no water...

and the horrors that followed.... if only we wouldhave known..."

CH2 - God has left us! Soon TM

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