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DiY Construction Manual Rarity Change?

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I know that the random blueprints have been moved from the survivor camps into contruction yard spawns and other industrials, as well as the wooden shack appearing in the grocery stores (I found two in there a few weeks ago), but why has the DiY book not been moved? I've gone through the entirety of Cherno's and Elektro's industrials for six days and have yet to find any.

If they've already gotten moved, is there any way the spawn rate could be increased by a percent or two? I think it's rediculous that you have to have 7 people traveling through the city to even find one (I assume this is so because I've only met clans who have said they've found them). They should still be quite rare, but after six days of going between cherno and electro, searching every spot in the city, I should have found one by now, yet they are still too rare by myself. I know that the loot works based on how many people are around, so it's a bit biased to clans who take five or six members through the city and find one or two of them, yet single civs cannot find one for the life of us.

Any chance this could be done? Loot spawn chance increased, or perhaps just more spots for it to possibly spawn?

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I believe that they can spawn in apartment buildings. Also the rate they spawn at means that there are not hundreds of buildings dotted around the map if they were common as everyone would have them. The spawn rate is fine and this has been discussed various times.

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you uh... you don't understand how the loot system works at all.

The amount of people has nothing to do with and stuff is spawned per building based on a table of chances.

Each item in the table is given a % chance from 0 to 1 and this is then weighted against the other items in the table and a RNG picks which to spawn based on given chances.

Loot spawns when A single player gets within a certain distance and no other player is within another certain distance.

On the topic of the building stuff specifically they have pretty low rates but understandably so. They should be hard to find. Also bear in mind the entire system is completely random. The books could have a spawn chance of 99.9% and there is still a chance you could loot the entire map and not find a single one.

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