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Summer's 'One Shot'

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It's funny, how things could turn out... isnt it? I survied so many things, i saw so many things, things i will never forget... thought i would never forget, not even for a snatch.

And now? Im standing here, on this beautiful forest clearing, after that deadly winter. Feeling the sun on my freckeld cheeks and look in to the eyes of an single small deer on the other side of that glittering lake. And you know what? My mind went blank. Wiped out, empty, and full of joy.

I survived, even though im an german student, a fucking art-student, that was on vacation with her co-workers. I survived, even though i was in an hugh city, when the first time, the outbreak turned his ugly face in my dirction. I survieved, in thouse dark moments, in which you could bearly sleep because every single noise is killing you a little more inside. I survieved, seeing so many horrible things, so many death, so many killing, so many lost.

Not every part of me did survieved. How could it...?

But standing here, looking in to these dark brown eyes, quiet, not judging and peacefull, i knew... i have keept alive the three most importend things. My mind, my will to survive and my humanity. I smile... for the first time in a long time. Then the deer bounces of. I heare that familiar groaning somewhere behind me. My slight look into heavens wounderful eyes is over, so i grap my axe and turn arround to hack into realitys undead face.

And keep .... on .... surviving!

Dear fella's

This is going to be a visuall diary of what Jess Summer is going through. I simply hope you enjoy and feel free to comment or participate.


Summer (Today online with my normal-server Clan-Name - i promise that wont happen again!)


Day 1

I got scared as shit when I heard them. Saw the green flashlight. We where in a little city somewhere near the Coast, when they shouted thous tactical orders arround. I got down in that kitchen and saw every shadow past coverd with that green light. They sounded nice, but i nearly peed myself. Even though i was freakingly hungry, I didn't move or made any sound.

Later that day, when i fainted out because of that hunger i wish i had... i wish so much i had.

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It was the first day I didn't felt hungry. I didn't know what hunger was... what starving meant, till I stood on that roof, thinking about jumping after that cane of spaghetti, I tried to opened, dropped down.

I really loved spaghetti....

so I stood there thinking of jumping after them....

thinking... and thinking.

I did not. (As you can see).

So I went on... I could barely held of those undead fuckers I, so I tried to hide in an old glasshouse in the middle of the night, discovering at day, its a glasshouse full of tomato’s. From that point on, everything got better and better. I even found an abounded fireplace with some leftovers. Dam I was so lucky.

And finally I meet a guy... I think I was following him, not knowing it my self, but there where clues everywhere. He looked at me, and I could see it in his eyes. In not more than 1 second he was sure I am nothing than a 5 feet 10 handicap to him. He was nice, told me where to find a weapon, and than he went of.

But shortly after that I met Bob. Bob the Gardner. I’m still sure he is more crazy than everything. But crazy in a good way. In a funny way and in a supportive way. I shouldn't stay with him... people die when I stay with them.


But maybe... just one more day....

He had bring me to laugh...

Didn't even know I could still do this.

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do you make these photos?

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Of course :) after i had some awsome RP, i draw what happend. (Didn't meet many people to draw till yet but that will change soon when i get to a surviver-city i hope^^)

The last picture happend 5 days ago.

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I finally got to Oshla... no, they told me its not Oshla anymore... they told me horrible things happend here. I don't want to talk over what they speaked about, just thinking of it makes me feel sick immediately.

Who they where?

Well, nice people, that's the important part, right? Caring people! Aspecially Greg. But I will tell you that tomorrow, because now will be the first time in weeks i have the chance to sleep through a whole night.... I'm just getting tiered by thinking of that.

So the scribbel has to be enought for tonight.... my eyes get bad anyway if i draw with that old gas-can-light.

A light! In the night!? Can you believe that! Just amazing!


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Guest Yuri Ubiytsa

I like the effort you put into these photos, and your story is pretty interesting too

Hope to meet you in-game and hopefully see myself in one of these pictures.

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Very beautiful visual work! It really livens up your story, it is so interesting that you include them as drawn by your survivor. Cant wait to see more!

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