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Robbing Cars

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I've put this in the guides section since I think we might get some good positive advice from the replies. Excuse me if there's been another similar thread, but the constant issues I've seen lately lead me to believe no one's read it (if it exists).

I've seen a whole lot of people since I've been playing here attempting to rob cars by having someone sit by the road and spam a generic robbery message as the car passes by at 150 kph. The driver never sees it, and shooting ensues.

Here's what I'm proposing - if you intend to rob a car that's in motion, you need to slow it down or do something to physically impede its progress, or let it be known that it's being robbed. No one ever sees or has time to react to a message sent while driving by, and knowing this whole game I wouldn't be surprised if it was even literally impossible to time a chat message right (lag and all). And if they did see it, the car would be gone in 5 seconds anyhow.

I don't blame people for shooting basically instantly after they give the message, it's just that their method for robbing the car is incredibly ineffective. The car will drive out of range in no time, so to complete the robbery one must shoot. But isn't this less of a robbery and more of a 'technically legal way to shoot at a moving vehicle'?

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Maybe you guys should try that some day?

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Considering my friend got shot at after seeing no message. I really think either something blocking the road to slow them down, or somehow get them out of the car, such as a unarmed person asking for medical supplies, then robbing them.

The whole "stop and if you don't in 5 seconds" car robbery never works considering there's always that chance the person doesn't see it cause of lag or just how fast the person is going.

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I don't think a complete stop is warranted, but certainly slowing down via blocking methods should be a requirement. There should be no excuse to instantly start shooting at a passing vehicle, as it's breaking the 5 second rule - and a breakage of rules is a breakage of rules.

Even then, there are roadblocks already in place all through the area (such as towns, randomly along roads, etc), so it's entirely possible to enhance those ones with tank traps and wire - if not create a roadblock from scratch for the purpose.

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