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South-West abandoned?

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Hi, so that i heard everybody is now around the North-east corner of Chernarus, are there any players left who are in the sout-east corner like Cherno, Elektro.. ?

Or is it abandoned ?

I thought about traveling around but could be boring without any contact to other players.

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Everything is abandoned, until someone shows up ... and you never know when that will be.

Are we talking about the SA server, or the Arma II mod on S1? I'm guessing SA, since it looks like that's where you've played.

In SA, most people spawn in the NE, and since that's closest to the new towns, those are the preferred spots. But with persistence turned on, the southeast could be the most profitable place to be. On the other hand, Cherno and Electro tend to get looted quickly, and then players run north, since there's more loot and usually better interaction in the interior. New spawns tend to be more interested in gearing up than RPing.

Those are my thoughts anyway. YMMV.

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The coast is generally empty except for new spawns really.

In short, the coast is to heavily looted to be of any use to many players who are past the 'fresh spawn' status and have to move into the interior to find fresh supplies and equipment. Those who do manage to stay on the southern coast fish and survive off the ponds/streams, finding gear as they go. Those with a less seditary playstyle perfer to move about to find better gear, usually leading them up and down the west side up the map hitting all the major military spots, or heading up to Novo and west from there as they are major cities.

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