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Repeating transmission : 92.4

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The speakers of the radio tranmsits nothing but the familiar background noise. Just distortions and waves created by nature being aired out into Chernarus, day in day out.

Then, suddenly, crackling. A male voice joins the everlasting, but senseless cascade of noise. And the person belong to this voice does not really seem to completely know what he is doing.

"Ugh...okay, it's shining. A-am I sending when I press this...?"

He turns quiet again, obviously not sure if he was actually operating the transmitter correctly. Some seconds later, the same crackling, the voice starts speaking again.

"Anyway, if I do: This is Wallace Porter, currently transmitting on 87.5 Megahertz.

I am wondering if there are any other survivors around. Individuals with the desire to talk, or any other human individuals at all. In the last weeks I have only encountered a few human beings, and for days inbetween those meetings I have been all on my own. So it's a logical consequence that I want to know what has been going on. How things are, you know. I might also be willing to share some information I could gather, if asked.

On another topic, I have been lucky and gathered some supplies, while needing others, and if anyone out there wants to trade, this radio station is currently located at ... wait, I'm not going to tell you, I'm not that stupid ... w-well, we can always agree on a place to meet, and trade.

As a last note: I will be transmitting this message every second day in the evening hours on, err ... 87.5, 89.35, 92.4, 102.75 and 114.15 Megahertz, until I receive an answer.

I will be listening for it on 92.4 Megahertz.

Wallace Porter, over and out".

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*The receiver pops and splutters into life, there's a lot of static but a gruff Scottish voice can clearly be made out*


Wallace, I can hear you. This is Captain Eddie Reid of NFC Company Delta, Charlie squad.

Always good to hear a friendly voice...

We're interested in any information you can offer.

We can offer protection and trade in return.

A mutually agreed meeting place can be arranged, if you're willing.

We're currently based around the two towns Sobor, Recon Team can be dispatched to

any area agreed upon for the exchange.

Our facilities for trade are not exhaustive but if you list some of the items you require,

We'll see what we can do.

Ok, well I hope some agreement can be struck, but I understand how hard it is to trust

these days...

Stay safe, there *are* others out there,

- Eddie out

*The message dies away, no return frequency was given. You are left to assume your channels are being monitored.*

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Some time passes, and some fiddling with the equipment of the old amateur radio station is needed, but then Wallace's voice joins the background noise again. In the background, rain can be heard hitting against a window, and thunder occasionally roaring its way into the microphone.


"I read you, Eddie! Great to hear your voice, or in that case, anyone's.

Excuse me being so direct, but NFC, what is that? Sounds like you lot have some military background. Are you remnants of the NATO forces? If yes, that would make things quite interesting. If you aren't, it's fine, too, I guess. But I am curious, and a tad cautious.

Anyway, I am very interested in a meeting with one of your recon teams. Do you know about the little pond on the west end of Stary Sobor? If you're currently located in the area it should be pretty easy for some of you to get there.

As of Equipment, I am in quite the need for hunting rifle ammunition - I'm not sure but I think it's those short 7,62 mm rounds. In exchange, I can offer - as I said - what information and experiences I have, alongside food and, to some degree, medical services.

So, if you are content with where and what to trade, feel free to tell me when to trade. I'll be listening every evening around sunset, still on 92.4.

Until then, farewell.

Wallace Porter, over and out".

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