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Useless question is useless.

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Why is it that most forums require some type of post per week? Or I've seen per day too. I don't have much to say or add to a comment. I also don't want to revive dead threads, so that also knocks out the other 2 million things to talk about because people have already talked about them.

What if I have nothing to say to anyone? I have little to offer for conversation adding besides "Oh hey look I'm playing DayZ with you guies! Hi!!!" It's a pleasure meeting people but I don't have anything to say otherwise. Even the rp game I played for 2+ years had little over a 100 posts.


Why do forums require shitty posts that aren't "Revive Posts" Nor "Spam of "Hey everyone I'm new to the server DEERRRRRP"?

Why can't I just stay Sylent? :(

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You have to post ONCE, in any relevant thread. To prove you're not a spambot. To allow me to delete accounts which are active for 2 minutes on the website and never return.

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Guest Terry

To see if your robot or not

Ey il have none of that discrimination here Solased :angry:

I always thought you were a Mech-warrior?? The more you know I guess :)

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