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Victoria's [Vanu] Journal

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Journal #1 - Friendly/Enemy Ties [bEFORE 0.5 UPDATE] [standalone]

I sat down in a abandoned.. empty house pondering what to do.... when I washed ashore the first thing that came to mind is get warm. Well, I managed to find a warm green jacket and pants that were somewhat fit me... I had to use a old string I found to tie it around my waste. I also found worn out rubber boots that fit nicely on me, and a cute pink toque to keep my head warm. To be honest I kind of fell in love with the pink toque I loved now.

I was sitting in a house in the outskirts of a big city containing factory and apartment buildings and what not. My plan now was to keep moving and find something to carry more items instead of my jacket pocket. Looking down at my left hand where I was holding a can of macaroni opened by a sickle... yes.. a sickle that I found in a house... I was guessing the owner was some type of schizophrenic or something along that line, or I was just lucky to find it. I'll tell you this straight up, never try to open a can with a sickle that can almost cut your finger off, always watch your other hand. I put the can in my pocket, hoping it won't make a mess as I went outside and crouched low.

Sneaking around the empty streets of the big town, I spotted a hospital and figure it would be the first place to go, and most important. I was smart also.... instead of going in the front entrance, I snuck inside climbing on top of the roof and going from top floor down, in case any of the undead are on the bottom floor. Slowly I crouched walked inside the hospital. All shelves were empty, but I managed to find some multi-vitamins. The vitamins were at least something. In a random box I looked in was some food I can munch on in a coke to drink.

Satisfied, I went down the bottom floor, seeing none of the undead waiting for me. I checked backrooms... finding nothing else, one last room came upon me. I looked outside the window for a moment not aware of the surroundings until I heard a harsh whisper voice.

"Don't move, don't move, hands up."

I first thought it was something in my head talking to me, until I turn around slowly and saw a man with a gun pointed at me. I gasped and immediately went prone on the ground... putting hands over my head and not moving. Of course... the first civilization I meet and it's a fricken theif. I didn't want to scream... that would attract the undead. He continued talking

"hey... hey get up, I not going to hurt you"

I got up slowly on my knees. I spoke in a worried voice,

"what you want... what you want..." "I just want your hat... your nice pink hat."

I gave a query look at him... why would he want my pink beanie hat? That was a weird thief request. I looked at him.. he had a nice big rifle... a crowbar, normal clothes and motorcycle a helmet on him. I wanted the helmet... so I played smart and offered him something.

"Okay... okay I'll give the hat if I can have your helmet. Deal?" He answered swiftly,

"yes... yess.. I just want the hat."

so I nodded and carefully put my beanie hat off and set it on the table that was between us.

"Okay okay.. now step back and don't move while I do this.. okay?"

He seemed all hyper and nervous like he drank 5 energy drinks. I watched as he put his helmet off and took the beanie hat. It was a dark skinned man... he had little hair and weary eyes. I watched as he put the hat on as a heard more footsteps approach. Another man entered the room with a machete in his hand and a motorcycle helmet as well.

"Hey, what are you doing back here... and who's this?!"

He looked at me for a moment then.. just stunned for a second looking like a statue. I thought for a moment he actually died, but after a several seconds he carefully removed his helmet revealing features that I never thought to see again. "Victoria?"

My name stunned to my heart and jumpstart it that I had warm adrenaline feeling in my blood to my heart.

"Victoria... Vanu... it's me.. Ty.. T."

his soothing Texas accent made me jump and suddenly hugging him, making him drop his machete all of sudden. I wasn't sad... of course I was happy. But skipping all the mishy mashy get together.... a undead interrupted our happy moments and catching up our tears of happiness and meeting the guy that for some odd reason wanted my pink beanie hat. I didn't' catch the guy's name or did.. and didn't remember it, so I decided to call him Marcus. He was a funny guy... odd... he talked about stories that made me smile and laugh. But what I was more happy with was getting back together with Ty.

We sprinted out the hospital and head towards the outskirts of the city.. whiched was called Chenarous.. or some sort. As we stopped by a firestation... the two men ran inside... of course leaving me behind as I run slower with 3 undead chasing me. I ran around a corner and saw a man standing near the firestation wall. He was wearing something red, and had a baseball hat on him. For a second I thought it was Marcus but he waved, I waved but suddenly something hit me hard on my left arm.... making it twist and snap. I screamed in pain as the zombie grabbed my arm and twisted it. I struggled against the undead's grip, staring in horror of it's decayed face and white eyes. I kicked the undead in the gut, stumbling it back a bit and let go at me as I ran inside the firestation. I screamed again and Ty and Marcus came running out, attacking the undead. I looked outside and saw the man with the red clothing fight the undead with a baseball bat, giving some blows in the torso. He seemed to have trouble until Ty aimed his rifle and shot the three undead that were attacking Marcus and the stranger.

Silence kicked in the air after the last thump of the undead. I grabbed my left arm tightly as it thobbed in pain. I sat down in the building while Ty looked at my arm carefully. Painful tears [godammit I thought I was done crying] was forming.. I didn't want to move my arm. I looked up at the man standing beside Marcus... he was bleeding heavily in a leg.... I was worried of course.

"are you okay?"

I spoke as I looked at the stranger.

"Ty... bandage him... please do it first."

He looked at me with a stern.. I spoke again,

"Just do it... then come back."

Before he moved away the man was already grabbing a piece of rag off his backpack and started to wrap tightly around his leg. He finished quickly and tied it down. I stood up and wlked over him to thank him. He was a shy type of person, just thanking back and saying it's crazy in this town. I wanted to leave this town... I was tired... my arm was possibly broken.. and I just wanted to get away from the undead. I told Ty I wanted to leave... Marcus and ty had a quick chat with the stranger and we started to leave heading west along the forest border line near the main highway.

As we got a little ways from the big town.... we sat down and rest for a moment, looking to what supplies we had. We were good on food and water, and Ty found two medical emergency kits... he picked up a Iv start kit and started to put the IV on me without letting me know.

"Hey, what you doing?!"

I jerked my arm away. He gently pulled back and shook his head in a apology.

"Sorry... please.. use this it will make you feel better."

He grabbed disinfected spray and sprayed some rags... and needle. Gently rubbing my unbroken arm then sticking the needle in my arm. We waiting for a awhile until the IV stopped.. I felt better. We sat down for awhile until late afternoon. I took a quick nap resting on the ground while the two watched over, but woke up with a intense pain in my broken arm. Ty of course came right beside me with a worried look, holding something on his right hand what it seemed to be like a homade splint. He held it out to me and told me to put it in my hurt arm. I slowly, biting my lips put my broken arm in the splint. It was tight and held my arm straight.. I was lucky it was my left arm... otherwise I wouldn't be writing in this journal anymore. I sighed in sadness and looked up to the sky then at Ty shaking my head. I couldn't defend myself much anymore, only holding this sickle was required my right hand, but my left arm is used when trying to defend myself.... so I have to get used to using only my right... I felt useless now. Useless wasn't good because I liked defending myself, now my friends had to protect me until I figure how to fix my arm. We stood up heading West still where the sun was shining, heading towards more unknown areas, we decided to look around maybe finding some sort of military base that was still alive... if their are any alive.

........always run.................always move

Journal #2 - Psychology Test

After another sleepless night as the shadows casted over us, we continue in a quick pace west after the colorful sky lit up. We still had the ocean in our distance, maybe their will be a boat nearby we can fix or something we hoped for, but we wanted to take the chance to explore more inland and take the risky chance into the unknown land. We discussed it for awhile, and figure if we don't see a boat today we are going to head inland. As jogging along a railway track and speaking randomly, a sudden voice filled in my ears.

"Why hello there.. strangers." [sorry can't remember exact words]

I stopped mid set on my pace and looked around. On our right was a man geared with a big backpack, a huge axe, a some sort of rifle, and of course a motorcycle helmet. What was up with everyone wearing motorcycle helmets? I mean I'm wearing one yes... but I guess they are new helmets to wear when fighting these aggressive undead people... since one hit my arm so hard that I think it fractured or dislocated the arm somehow. The undead hit it awkward enough that pain is all I feel all yesterday night and presently. I put up my right hand waving hello. I asked how he is doing and who he is.

He presented himself as Dr. Hales... when he first started to speak I sensed something... different about his voice and way of speaking. When he spoke it seemed like I was... 'sucked' into his mind... like he was controlling it... but I haven't been aware. His speach was slow... odd... but interesting.

I introduced myself and my friends, which were making a embarrassment of themselves... even Ty. Ty and Marcus started to do weird hand signals to each other, not speaking. I excused myself to speaking to Dr. Hales for a moment and asked what the hell they were doing. They whispered to me back to ditch him and to keep moving, and that they were trying to creep him out or scare him off in a way. I shook my head and told them to learn manners and responsibility.

I went back to Dr. Hales and apologize, saying that they were acting a little different today. He then told me that I can survival better than them in this state of the world we live in now. At that moment, Marcus walked over and a fast pace, having a booming voice.

"What you say about Vanu bro?!"

I never had such aggression come out of Marcus before. Dr. Hales looked at him without flinching as the two were toe to toe, he slowly swung his holstered rifle around and held it pointed down at the ground.

"Now.. now... we need not to have such aggression and hostility here, yes?"

Ty came running behind Dr. Hales taking cover behind a structure with his weapon ready. What the worst case scenario I never want to see was someone getting shot, so I raised my arms trying to gently push back the two men.

"Hey guys... no.. why we being so hostile to each other, I'm sure let's us not make this worse."

I try to speak softly... but my left arm pushing Marcus back suddenly strained and in pain shot through me. I flinched back holding my arm tightly. Dr. Hales made some thinking noise, and put his rifle away while apologizing like a gentleman. Marcus stepped back, going to stand beside Ty while they murmur about something while I put my attention back to Dr. Hales, asking him what we were up to and what he was doing.

"I am.. working on a project... a book... and I need some assistance you see, if I can tag along for a walk to ask some questions.... that be most helpful."

I nodded my head, I loved helping people and it is what I do. I agree he can come with us. I turned to see Ty and Marcus... still be the two funky bastards. They were pointing then giving each other the 'fuck you' finger then slicing their throats in a silent action. They laughed then stopped as I approached and told them he's going to walk with us for awhile. Ty was first to speak quietly.

"Are you out of your mind Vanu, look, we are in the brink of survival and not suppose to trust ANYONE, don't you understand that?" I want to protect you and keep you from harm, I try my dam hardest but your just so nice to everyone, which is what I like about you."

He sighed after looking at me,

"Fine... he can come, but I'm following behind if he's going to pull any shit on us alright?"

I nodded happily and gestured Dr. Hales to follow us on the main highway. He started walking beside me as a I kept the pace. He started off giving me a long awkward stare, that made me look away for a moment. I saw that Marcus was walking a few meters in-front and Ty walking behind us, holding his machete. I knew he didn't like this idea at all, he was protective most of the time, so was Marcus.

As started walking Dr. Hales questioned me personal questions about how my sleep is and how I manage to sleep in this state of the world we are in now. I complied saying I don't sleep well, especially with a hurt arm now. He looked at my arm, making sure it didn't suffer internal bleeding, but continued on questioning then what type of dreams I had. I thought for a moment, you know nightmares are something you don't want to remember so I answered generally what I get. I remembered only darkness and screams in my dreams, then my friends getting attacked. He looked at me again, this time I payed attention to his eyes which kind of startled me. Usually when I look at eyes it tells me a story, but only through his eyes was darkness.

We continued speaking but kept getting interrupted by Marcus saying random words I couldn't understand. I kind of chuckled, his randomness made me just inside of me, careful not to express my humor and break respect to Dr. Hales. I looked over to him, he smiled crickedly, I smiled back then looked ahead where Marcus stopped walking and took a swing of his water bottle. Dr. Hales continued walking towards him not paying attention. Before I can say something the two men bumped into each other, making Marcus cough and spit out some of his water.

"Hey! You bumped into me bro?!"

Dr. Hales stopped walking and turned around confronting Marcus again.

"My sincere apologies, I promise not to touch you again."

He did a slight bow and continued walking. I looked at Marcus with a stare then turned to walk also. If I don't get rid of this guy someone is going to get hurt.

We continued walking, I asked if their are any more questions. He looked on ahead and thought for a moment, murmuring to himself. I started coughing suddenly, my throat was dry again, I didn't realize how thirsty I was. I stopped to look in my bag and realized I had to drinks in it.

"Do any of you have drinks?"

Their was silence, until Dr. Hales answered.

"There is a well not too far from here my lady, it is the town you see in distance."

I nodded and started jogging there, not wasting anymore time. Dr.Hales kept the pace, but when I looked back Marcus and Ty were still walking, getting smaller behind us. I waved,

"Hey come on guys."

They stopped walking, I tilted my head when Dr Hales spoke,

"Your lady here needs a drink, perhaps pick up the pace?"

Marcus shouted back,

"Perhaps she can wait?"

I shook my head, they will catch up. I was thinking this stated world was getting in their heads, I just wanted a drink as soon as possible, because I was afraid of dehydration again.

Dr. Hales leaned to the left side of the road and jogged towards a house with a fence. We went behind a house and there was a pumping well there. I went to it and started pumping water into my left hand, happy that it worked. I sipped the cool refreshing water off my hand every little pump of water that comes out, until I was satisfied. Dr. Hales stood there and watched me carefully, like he was taking notes of every move I do in his head. Odd guy.

When Ty and Marcus finally caught up he went over to a house and called out he was going to check it. Ty kneeled down beside me shaking his head.

"Vanu, we have to go now... it's getting dark and I don't want to be near this man, I want to be far from him, alright? Tell him to leave, or we will force him to leave."

I nodded and stood up, calling out for Dr. Hales. I told him we are going to leave are separate ways before it gets dark. He looked at me then bowed.

"It was a honor having your help, I wish for your journey... and house... or whatever your looking for goes well, take care, Vanu."

I nodded and we headed off north to the woods, away from Dr Hales who was watching in the distance, until we were cut off in vision, we continue to head north into the woods and find shelter for the night.

.................alwyas run.....................always move

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Guest Phalix

Paragraphs saves lives. That wall of text is intimidating as hell

I'll read it tomorrow when I'm fully awake.

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Guest Vittoria

I like it, but fix the paragraphs please

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I kind of fixed it.... my English isn't good as well :S and I wrote it quickly so some things might not make sense lol

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Was it you I met at NEAF today? You suddenly collapsed and I tried to CPR you, you stood up and then after a while of not moving just suddenly died...

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ah yes it was me, this journal took place before the complete wipe and 0.5 update. uh, I died because of food poisoning.. in my screen it didn't show I was revived... so figure I died. I didn't know I was that low of health when I was with you xD sorry... I have trouble scavenging and surviving after the update. I put the modded Arma 2 story in the other lore thread.

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Ya I keep having trouble... I try to go to remote areas... but I keep dying since .5 update. Apologize for not updating, I know you all play it now but.. we'll see.

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Journal #1 - Darkness [after 0.5 update] I again apologize for not typing the exact words said or skipping some parts of story.

Wearing someone else's clothes ain't that bad. I mean, if your wet, freezing, and you need to survive, wearing someone else's clothes in the new fashion in town. The clothes weren't that smelly, and I'm sure I will start to smell myself if I don't get a proper shower soon. With a new green hoodie, hunter pants, and rubber boots, staying warm was the first thing in my survival check list that was crossed off.

It was dark... which wasn't a major problem. I mean, the undead can't see you, but you can't see them as well either. So when you bump into someone, you best that person doesn't growl.

The moon was out which was a luck, the faint light provides just enough to see outlines of places. But in buildings, I was practically on my hands in knees searching for things... lightly hitting my head sometimes on tables and knocked on furniture that I didn't see. Crawling around this small town, I was able to find stuff left behind. The basics of survival were met I was able to find all the needs and a purple backpack to carry it all. See? Surviving in style.

As I exited the town I had a decision whether I should head to the bigger town, or head north into the woods. All my 1/4 life living in survival is of course, going into the woods and surviving. So I trenched straight north, into the difficult terrain of the woods. Even with the faint light of the moon, the tall trees, awkward silence, and darkness was giving shivers in my spine. Anyone, anything... could be watching me now and I wouldn't of known.. stalking me in the shadows. I always look to my sides and behind me once in awhile.. just to be sure.

Within walking a couple kilometers, I found a cabin in the middle of the woods. Lucky me I found a axe wedged in a stump. This was perfect against the undead... just as I grabbed it I heard the deviled screams just 30 meters to my right. I quickly looked over and saw a huge buck... but behind it was a undead chasing it. The buck was outrunning the undead... but the undead kept growling and chasing the buck. I kind of chuckled... never knew the undead would chase after animals... I thought they would only eat humans.

After watching the slight entertainment, I continued through the forest, trying to get the new feel of surroundings without jumping to every little sound the forest makes around me. Another town merged from the horizon over the hill, not really a town but a few houses here and there. There was a small paved road as well I decided to follow after looking through these houses. As a went up closer to the first house, I suddenly heard crashing and banging in the house... and growling of zombies. I gasped and took cover inside the house... sitting down on the floor and holding my hatchet close to me. What was funny was, I felt a weapon sitting beside me. I used my hands to feel around and picked up the weapon. I couldn't see the model of it but I held it close to me, ready to scare whatever is making noise in the next house nearby.

I took a peek over at the window above me, suddenly, I man came running out of the house, with two undead coming out after him. I ducked down suddenly, not making noise, then peeked up again. I saw his shadow run into the forest, along with the undead chasing after him. My breathing is rapid, I thought for a moment the man saw me and chased after me, instead he was being chased. I held the gun tightly, even though there was no ammo in it. My hands sweat as I waiting for a long time until I made sure the man was far away.

While sitting here, I grabbed a little chemlight I found in a child's room, not sure what color. I cracked it, bright red shined a bit, providing just enough light for myself. I used a screwdriver I found to stab open a can of macaroni I had in my backpack. This dam screwdriver was dull, with a few struggles I finally opened a whole. While this hungry I desperately tried to pry it open now. The screwdriver tried to but it barely budged. I then grabbed the lid with my hand and pryed it with my grip half way open. Just as I did, my hand slipped and pain struck through me. I put my left hand over my mouth trying not to scream. Blood dripped out of my hand and continued to flow as the big slit from the sharp can lid was in my palm of my hand bleeding. The cut wasn't too deep, but I needed to wrap it quick. I bit my left hand while trying not to scream as tears of pain ran down my face. I didn't have water to wash it off, I had to force bandage it on. I still had the wet t-shirt I took off from washing ashore. It was a bit damp with salt water... which was good to kill the bacteria... but this will hurt... a lot. With my left hand holding a kitchen knife and my foot holding the shirt, I cut a chunk off the shirt desperately and struggling, it took me awhile with my left hand. I knew the floor was dirty but it was the emergency way to do it, I would have to clean it later.

By the time I cut a chunk off the shirt, my hand was covered in blood and a little puddle dripped beside me. I then placed the shirt on my hand, biting on one end and started to wrap with my left hand tightly. The stinging started and I used my biting to muffle the pain out. Finally, I tied the shirt in a knot tight. Some blood seeped through, but it slowed down enough that it didn't ruin the shirt. I was panicking again, the pain made my adrenaline go up. I sat down for awhile until I calmed down. My hand was still stinging, and I could not carry anything until it doesn't hurt to grip something.

I used the little provided light of the chemlight to look at the rifle I found. I couldn't figure what type it was, but I decided to carry it anyways just to look protective. I slung it on my shoulder and stood up, carrying the axe with my left hand.

Continuing north just over a hill, the sky started to change color. The orange and purple sky started to show in the east. It looked to be I was travelling all night. My fatigue started to fall into place. I looked north again, another town was ahead but it was fairly lit up. I don't know if I should go there or not. I see shadows walking around the town, just casually doing so. Crouch walking, I went up to the first building of the town, listening to voices that were within a earshot. I leaned against the building wall listening, they were speaking about some kind of encounter with men that involved death. There was a lot of talking in the area, seemed to be friendly voices.

I revealed myself in the light on the small road going through town, then two men stopped talking and eyed on me. As I was scanning the area quickly, there were men walking around and woman with weapons ready.

"Hello Miss, do you need some assistance?"

I looked over to a man, he had nice military gear on..

"What is this place?... " I asked.. first.

"You never been here before?"

I shook my head...

"Well let me give you a quick tour.. I am a busy man here... but I can squeeze some time. Would you like a drink? What's your name?" He started walking inside a old cabin bar.. there was some alcohol sitting on the counter.

"It's Victoria... and... Oh um... no... I don't drink... alcohol I'm sorry..." I stammered.

"Oh no.. right here... this.. pepsi I believe."

I looked to where he placed it, I didn't see it at first. I grabbed it and put it in my jacket pocket to drink it later.

"Thank you... what is this town called?"

He started walking out and I followed.

"This is Capote... [or I think I heard of] we here provide survivors the basic needs so they be on their ways. Here we have houses, a trading house, and a medical bay. Come.. "

We walked in front of a yellow one story house.

"This is where you can trade things for other things.. sometimes the owner has free stuff to give away."

I can hear voices inside, I decided later what I can ask the man inside. We then walked over to the medical bay, I told the man I have something to donate to them.

"Wow... we never really get donations before... "

We walked inside, there was some tables for the wounded to sit on, and a bunch of medical supplies in one room. Looked like a couple guards were watching it.

"This lady... Victoria.. like to donate something to you guys..." he told a man who was standing near some backpacks. The man raised his eyebrow at me, he was surprised.

"Well then that is very grateful of you Victoria, please... put what you want in the small backpack right here."

I walked over to the backpack he pointed at and opened it. It was full of medical supplies and items, like a mini hospital in here. I opened my backpack and put a IV - kit inside. I closed both backpacks and stood up..

"Ya I... had another one in my backpack... I didn't want to keep two, plus I.. don't really need them.. don't know how to use them. I tend to take care of myself really well."

"Well it is grateful for you Victoria, thank you very much."

I nodded and we headed outside again on the little road. A man approached my tour guide and spoke about a scavenging run some people will do for this settlement.

"Are you okay Victoria, do you need anything else?" He spoke to me before contuining with the man.

"Ya I think I'll be okay.. thank you."

The two men left to continue their own conversation, I decided to go inside the trade house. As I walked towards there, the area was busy with a few people walking around. I walked inside carefully, on my right was a room full of supplies laying all over the place. There was two men standing behind a table. One man was wearing a boonie cowboy looking hat, the other was wearing a gas mask.

"Why hello there, need anything miss... "


"Ah Victoria.. nice name."

"Um.. I was wondering if you ammo for this rifle I found... I don't know what it uses.. I wonder if you know it.. and.. I have other ammo to exchange."

I unslug my rifle and carefully put it down on the table infront of him, I kept my hands close to the rifle, in case any of them decide to try to steal it, I would react first. The man looked at it with his hand to his chin.

"Hmm, I am sorry I'm afraid, we don't have bullets of any kind at the moment. Maybe later today when our group brings back. But that rifle, holds 7.62 ammunition, if you can find any."

I sighed and took the rifle back.

"Alright, thank you."

Another man came in, asking about bullets as well, he apologized as well. I felt bad for the trader... since this rifle holds 7.62 ammo, I decided to donate a box of ammo I found as well. I opened my backpack and brought out a box of ammo.

"Um.. here is ammo I like to donate to you. I don't think this is the one but I don't need it if it is.. here.. take it."

His eyes widened...

"Wow.. um thank you.. please put it in a backpack over there and take some can of peaches for some food, it will keep you hydrated as well."

I nodded and exchanged the items. Then something came in mind in my head... something I watched in hollywood movies about zombies... and creepy people that do things to survivors. I know what was coming was a bad question... but I was curious.

"Um.. may I ask a question? Is there.... any... weird people.. you know like, people who are abnormal on this land?"

The two men exchanged looks.. one then spoke..

"Well, there is bandits.. thieves... but there are rumors about the cannibals....."

"Cannibals...?" I interrupted...

"Yes.. I heard of them, but never encountered them, I don't think I would like to either."

"Ya... I said.. I wanted to get fresh air now for the thought of those people."

I then waved away. I walked outside to get fresh air from those thoughts and looked around a place to sleep. The sun was rising and I didn't want to be too bright before trying to sleep. There was a barn not too far from here up the road, maybe I can sleep in haystacks instead of the cold ground.

As I went up the road a man came jogging along and stopped beside me.

"Hello... sir..where you heading off to?" He was wearing something to cover his face.

"Hello, I was.. heading off to do hunting, I love hunting me some deer."

"Must be a habit you do yes?"

"Yes.. I'm sorry what is your name?"


"Ah... I'm [i forgot name - help me lol] Would you like to come hunting with me?"

I shook my head.. I was beat tired, ready to sleep.

"No.. I was just ready to sleep... finding a place to sleep. I would love to come though, but I don't have any ammo either for my rifle."

"Hunting is fun.. but yes there are barns just over there with some haystacks, or you can just sleep in a house like this one beside us." He pointed to the house behind us.

He went up to the door and noticed it was locked.

"Hmm must been taken already, someone built a lock on it."

I nodded and said I was just gonna sleep in the haystacks. But then the thoughts of the cannibals went in my head...

"Um.. is it true.. about the...weird people... cannibals that is on this land?"

He looked at me with a cold stare.

"Yes.. it's true.. but I never seen one or never encountered one. I'm not sure what they look like, but it could be anyone, but they travel it packs."

I put my hand over my mouth and was about to throw up the can of Marconi I ate. I then just coughed out air.

"That is..... so wrong... how can someone eat another person like that and why? Why not hunt like what you do?" I promptly asked.

"Yes.. I don't get why people don't hunt like me... they are... disturbing people."

I nodded... it was silence for a moment. I couldn't thought of how one can just kill another human beings... then just.. eat that skin... and muscle.. and... just.. I shook my head... try to change the subject.

"I think... I think I'm going to go sleep now.. you have good luck in hunting, oh another quesiton... you have any 7.62 ammo on you?"

He looked at his rifle then back at me.

"Yes, but I use it for myself you see."

I nodded in understanding.

"That's okay... hunting is more important to you then giving ammo to me, someone who doesn't have great rifle skills as you."

He chuckled and nodded.

"Well, if you want to try to find some, you can head down the road east to Gorka... but I heard people get robbed there a lot. Or you can find military bases... but it is a risk as well."

I nodded and tell I'm on my way now, wished him a happy hunting.

As I jogged to the barn to find a haystack, I couldn't get the thought of cannibals off my head before I passed out to sleep. It was disturbing, and imagining it was very realistic in my mind... and horrifying. I eventually went into deep sleep, hoping not to dream about it.

..............always run.................always move......

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Sorry for inactivity, hopefully I can get back soon! Laptop broke and was busy with real life stuff.

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Guest DeluxeBandit

Hope to see you ingame soon :)

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Hope to see you ingame soon :)

Ya it won't be until end of March :) Hopefully I'm still whitelisted :S

I forgot to write a quick part of the story before computer broke so it will update soon.

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Journal Entry #2 - Re-united [written back in 2014 before inactivity]

I was running... sprinting for my life. My lungs expanded and retracted quickly as I was trying to breath the cold... dry air hurting my throat. Flashes of bright light kept blinding me every time I try to avoid a tree in the forest. I looked behind me and saw the group of 7 men running like wild wolves.. I swear they were on their 2 arms when running. They were carrying torches... weapons.. axes... anything shining sharp in the dark.

I kept looking forward, sidestepped to the left avoiding a bush just brushing by my arm. My momentum of running kept going, thinking I would finally lose the humans chasing. Ahead of me was a small fence... I took a deep quick breath before trying to hurdle over it. I leaped.. feeling no ground for a moment when my left foot caught the wire then tripped me face on the ground.

First I saw sky... then the ground... and cold earth on me as I thought I was still running... but no... I was laying on the cold ground dazed... my whole front body burned in pain on the icy ground. I gripped my left hand on the frosted grass, my knuckles turned white as I try to hold off the pain. I pulled the grass out... trying to slowly get up. I moved my legs up some my knees were on the ground. I wouldn't feel my left ankle as I moved it.

Just as I got on my hands and knees... I noticed I wasn't alone. I turned my head to the sides and saw pairs of boots on the ground beside me. I was about to push my feet up when a heavy foot stomped me straight on my mid-back. This sudden jolt of gravity flat faced me again. I avoided getting my nose hit... but my back gave a new pain. I put my hands on the ground, try to push my weight against the boot on my back, but it just kept getting worse as more pressure was applied to my body.

I grunted again, getting up inches off the ground, but was stopped again as another boot crushed my right hand... I screamed and gave up by then. Someone's face suddenly crouched down in front of mine laying on the ground. It was a little dark but the moonlight showed his hungry blue eyes and scarred face full of blood around his lips. His breath stank rotten meat and fish... I grimaced and stared back. Suddenly another bright flash blinded my vision for another second, I blinked and his face was gone. I looked up.... which revealed a axe swinging from the heavens above someone head coming right towards my face....

Another feeling of life came to me as my eyes widen and my body sat up quickly. I hugged my rifle close to me like I was a little kid holding a teddy bear. I wish I was hugging my friend Ty instead.. he would of comforted me... but since our separation... I don't know what I thought to believe if he's alive or dead... or on this land.

My breathing never slowed as I felt my hands and patted my body for any injuries.... or missing body parts. The nightmare screamed me awake... causing the haystack I slept in all spread out and messed up.

I looked around me... no one was around, it was a simple nightmare about the cannibals.

The only thing that filled my ears is slight breeze on the trees and a couple birds chirping. No humans chasing... no screaming... no undead shouting. I then calmed a bit.. and got more sense in my mind where I was. I remember crashing here after meeting people and the trading town... it was morning and I slept until it looked like mid-afternoon. I was in a barn with the doors shut so the undead doesn't eat me for breakfast. I looked down at my hand that was injured from the can of food I try to pry open with my hand... it felt a bit numb on my palm but I can feel my fingers. I curled them to enclose then open... making sure no other pain was around. I decided to re-bandage the hand, slowly taking the old one apart... it revealed a very bubbly and thick brown scar. It was blistered badly and I couldn't grip the rifle yet or hatchet. As I put the new ripped t-shirt bandage on it didn't hurt as bad... the t-shirt was dry by then.

The warm sun made it perfect weather to travel... I decided to head to the town called Gorka... where the strange hunter told me to check for ammo for my rifle. It was a dangerous call to go to... but I didn't know where else to go and I'm sure the trading town didn't want me to snoop around for awhile.

I traveled beside the small secondary road that headed east towards Gorka... I try to remember the road in case I want to go back to the town. I kept my aware alerted... and looked at treeline to make sure no one scares the shit out of me. Traveling alone is the most vulnerable.. but who to trust could be more vulnerable then that.

Before even entering towns, I sit in the shadows for a good few minutes... enough to see the movements of the undead... count how many there are... and see if anyone else is watching or was recently here. While sitting in here.. I took a sip of my Pepsi... which didn't hydrate much. I would need to find a container to drink water with, and working wells or a spring to get water from because I knew I wouldn't survive with just soft drinks found dropped in random houses or in bending machines that were broken.

The key to survive is not worry about death.

I finally decided to enter the town, I really wanted to go here because something caught my eye in the town. In there was a small orchid of apple trees... and in the distance I knew I can see spots of red apples sitting in the trees. I didn't knew it was fall season.... I must of lost tracked since surviving in the outbreak of the undead. Trees were in multi-color... orange..red.. brown, but with warm weather I never knew winter might be around the corner with apples ready to be harvested.

With my rifle slinged on my back and hatchet on my left hand... I approached the orchid carefully... I tiptoed and hid behind the tree trunks as the undead slowly and wobbly walks nearby. I looked at the apple tree with my mouth watering... the macaroni yesterday didn't fulfill my hunger... and some of the juicy red apples mocking me try to make me impatient.

Once the undead was facing away, I try to jump and use my hatchet to extend reach. Every jump I made I either try to knock off apples or cut down branches. It took me a few tries until some apples fell... but just as I was going to pick um up and put in my bag... a scream of horror so close jumped me and made me drop them. I looked up and saw a undead running at me.

I couldn't run... I wanted the apples and had to fight. I try to shake my head off the memories of my nightmare coming back... I raised my hatchet.... just as the undead was 3 feet away I swung down on it's shoulder. I closed my eyes as I heard the axe cut flesh... the sound of the cutting made me twitch a bit, but closing my eyes was a mistake. The undead was still alive and swinging arms at me, hitting my face a couple times. It's filthy and fleshed covered hands smacked my face and cause me to step back. I lost grip of my hatchet stuck in the Undead's shoulder. As I backed up the Undead pounced, but tripped over a tree root just barely getting his grip on me. Using quick reaction I try to grab the hatchet off the shoulder, but the Undead grabbed my leg and made me fall just as I got the hatchet ripped off. My back cracked but I was quick in reaction, before the Undead could get a bite of my flesh, I sat up and threw the hatchet. With quick split second prayer, the hatchet landed the blade one Undead's head... stopping it's movement immediately. The grasp of the Undead let go of my leg, letting it's whole body slump to the ground.

I dragged myself backwards on my arse and kicking away from the Undead with post-adrenaline and freaking out state. Just as I was getting up another fleshed covered screaming Undead came running behind me. I turned and try to get up before it was closed in too much. It was about to pounce when a loud 'bang' from a earshot away splashed the Undead's head with blood as it dropped right beside me. I jerked away and got up on my feet quickly, looking around as I saw a familiar looking male sprinting towards me. He shouted,

"Hey! Come on! Let's get out of here before we get swarmed!"

I looked around me and saw more figures limping and running towards town, it was undead attracted to the gunshot. I quickly yanked my hatchet out and gathered the several apples into my jacket pocket before the Undead could reach the orchid. I caught up with the male who was pointing his .22 pistol at the closest Undead coming close...

"Hey um...?" I spoke..

"Not now! Let's go." The male interrupted.

I started running with the male until the Undead were unable to catch up and started wobbling and walking another direction. We were East out of the town... getting close to Gorka. Just as I looked behind me making sure no one followed, I lost sight of the male who was right beside me a second ago.

I scratched my head.. confused... where he go? I looked around desperately

but I only see tall trees around me standing 80ft tall.

"Hello...?" I spoke just loudly enough within 100meters earshot.

I kept walking looking around....

"Heyyy!" I heard the male shout... it was about 50 meters away.

I looked around... still couldn't find him... either I'm blind or just the clothes he's wearing making him camouflage.

"um.. I don't see you...." I spoke a little lower.

"Jeez Victoria you still not good with the directions are you?" Now I was surprised... how he know my name? He was closer but I still couldn't see him, even when looking all around me.

"uh... how you know my name Mr..." I spoke... then jumped and fell by the sudden voice behind me.

"Mr. Ty!" He shouted right behind me and stood over my fallen body.

I don't know if I was having a heart-attack because he scared me or my heart is pumping because it's my best friend Ty that I lost a week ago in the boating accident. I laid fallen on the ground for a moment holding my chest and looking up at the familiar face. He was a bit more gruffer with facial hair... and lost weight as well.... dangerously a a lot that made me worried. Then I thought to myself.... thinking of all the headaches I get from not eating well.

Ty extended his hand to help me up... I got up.. hugged him tightly as well.

The first words were going to be something happy... but I rather say something else...

"Don't you ever scare me like that again Ty!" I told him in stern voice.

He let go of the hug and tilted his head.

"Well... jeez Victoria at least say something like I miss you."

I put my hands on my hips and stared...

"Well you could of dropped in and said hi instead of scaring the shit out of me."

"Hey I was the one who saved your ass out there! At least say thank you."

I smiled and giggled...

"Yes... thank you... how you find me? How you survive.... the... " I stopped... I had a lot of questions but he explained briefly.

"Well... I had a life-jacket like you... and saw the closest island when swimming, I figure you would do the same. I found a town West of here with a bunch of people this morning, they just said a female I was looking for was heading East, so being smart I followed."

I nodded... apparently he somehow found the same town as I did, just hours later.

"What you think of.... what's happening here?" I asked.

"Hmm.. what I think this place was infested as well, but civilization is low and the Undead now rule this land... I don't know how big or how far it goes... but I was able to survive a bit." He sighed...

"So what's our plan?" I asked the hardest question.

"We keep moving... like always until we find a place that's quiet and has the resources we need... like our home we lost before."

Keep moving was the number one rule we mad until we found a place we wanted to settle in. So we kept heading East to hopefully a town named Gorka... awaiting further to the unknown. Ty had many bullets found with his .22 pistol... with me only having the hatchet... which hopefully I don't have to use in the future.

.........always run...............always move....

Journal Entry #3 - Bows and Strangers [last entry in 2014 -COMING SOON]

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Its an really nice read, but please use more paragraphs, also (maybe its just me ( probibly is)) dont use the blue letters they are a bit painfull to read

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Its an really nice read, but please use more paragraphs, also (maybe its just me ( probibly is)) dont use the blue letters they are a bit painfull to read

no it is not only you I apologize :(

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no it is not only you I apologize :(

you dont need to apologise, its your story lol.

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Journal Entry #3 - Bows and Strangers [last entry - will continue in April]

Strangled long hair bangs fell in-front of my face, blocking my vision for a moment. I blew gently on the of dirty, greasy, strangely hair away from my vision as we sat quietly in the forest outline. The strangles flew back down in-front of my eyes... I sighed for a moment, then used my hand to tuck the hair under my bright pink toque that Ty didn't want me to wear. Argument didn't last long because traveling is style and protecting my head in the cold nights was important. :)

The cool breeze on a late afternoon predicted a colder night then the nights I spent in the last week. The dark booming clouds from the West promised rain as well, so we needed to find a house to shelter for the night. Gorka was in front of us as we scanned the area before entering, but we weren't going to stay there. We decided to go to the next town were it might be less dangerous. Last thing we wanted to end up is being soaked and cold.

As we carefully entered town, Ty discussed what we need to salvage. We both looked how much room we had in our backpacks before leaving, and ate some apples and drank soft pepsi as well.

'Remember.... .22 bullets, water, food, extra clothing, bandages, feathers, and sturdy sticks from trees.' Was roaming in my mind as a entered the first house. I held my hatchet tightly and carefully snuck around the house. I opened covers, looked under shelves, in fridges, anything that can be hidden. I was in caution when making too much noise.

With no trouble we met up in a group of small trees to gather sturdy sticks. We went over what we have and was able to find what we need. We didn't find water ... or any food, but everything else was easy to find. I remember about the apples I found, and was able to spot one apple tree we can pick off.

I still trenched with the rifle slinged on my back... still no 7.62 ammo we found.

I looked around and saw no Undead roaming around as we started trying to get apples off the tree.

"Why we need feathers and sticks for?" I asked as I try to jump high and knock off some apples.

"You'll see." Ty answered as he picked up one apple that has fallen.

We trenched on East as the sun was setting in the West. It has gotten dark fast, because of the promising dark grey, raining clouds started rushing in.

In a race against time, I started feeling sick to my stomach after jogging a little ways... the next town was 2km or miles away. I stopped jogging and leaned against a tree coughing. Someones hand patting my shoulder until I stopped. I didn't throw up, it just felt like something was living in my stomach and squirming around.

"You okay?" Ty said... he then noticed my face was covered in dirty flesh and blood from the Undead slapped my face with.

Why didn't he notice that before?

"Um... yeh I think so... " I try to not panic.

I double checked my legs and arms to make sure I was not bitten... but I must of got sick from the bacteria on my face and hands after eating. I also looked at my bandaged right hand, must of been infected as well.

"Can you check my bag or any alcohol of some sort Ty?" I asked quickly as my head felt suddenly hot, so I sat down and gave the waterproof backpack to him.

"I forgot to wash my face off.. and disinfected my bandage... the Undead I was fighting was slapping my face with it's hands." I told him stammering.

He looked at me like I should know how to survive. He then pulled out two pairs garden gloves.

"Once we clean ourselves wear these." He said with his deep Texas accent as he prepared to spray alcohol on a roll of bandages he found.

I slowly un-bandaged my right hand, revealing something worried. The bubbly, large brown scar across my palm was having green spots on it, and it felt hot. It was infected because of the green marks and the bubbly healing scar.

I felt sicker for a second, and I knew this was going to hurt. I thought the salted clothing would of healed it, but I guess the second bandage wasn't clean enough.

Ty had the bandaged ready so I bit my left arm as he applied it. I swear I would of heard of sizzling once the alcohol soaked bandage was applied because felt like I just touched a hot pot and I couldn't let go.

After I minute it finally stopped burning and I slowed my breathing until I was relaxed.

Ty helped me up and hugged me, then looked at me with concern.

"We need you to get cleaned and find water to wash that face and our hands. Hopefully I working well is nearby that farmhouse I see up ahead." He pointed East where we see a farmhouse. It was closest to town.

I forced myself to keep walking with the sickness roaming in my head and stomach. I hope I can sleep peacefully tonight and feel better tomorrow once we find shelter.

It felt like a hour, but in 20 minutes we reached the farmhouse, all was quiet in the surroundings.

We checked the house quickly then approached the well pump.

"Well, hope for luck." Ty started pumping the squeaky well.

I opened my empty container and put it under the faucet waiting.

Ty continued to keep trying to pump water out... nothing yet until I slight prayer in my head made a drop of water fall off the faucet of the well.

"Water~!" I said excited.

After a few minutes my container was full of water that looked semi-clean... but better than the water on the ground. After I closed the container I washed my hands, arms, and face. Then I used my hands to cup water into my mouth... the cool... refreshing taste soothed my throat and mouth. I drank until it was satisfied.

When I was done I started pumping the water as Ty filled in container and washed his hands and face.

"Look in my backpack and grab the vitamins." He said after he was done.

I grabbed a green bottle that looked to be vitamins.. it was in Russian writing, but inside looked to be gummy bears. The picture in-front had picture of kids riding a dinosaur.

"These the ones?" I asked and showed Ty.

He nodded and opened it.

"Ya, they are kid vitamins so take two or three. Then wear the gloves we found" he said.

I took two red ones and ate the cherry flavored gummy vitamins.

As we just left the farmhouse I felt a cool touch on my face... it started to rain.

"We have to hurry Victoria." His smooth Texas accent went concerned.

Picking up the pace, we ran into the first building in the town, it was a two story yellow house with three doors surrounding the first floor. The rain started to pour and our clothes were soaked.. I felt my body starting to get cold.

We quickly ran inside the building as we heard a violent scream.

I raised my hatchet quickly as Ty pointed his pistol. We both looked at one door, but missed the third one where footsteps came close.

Turning around quickly, the Undead came in with arms in the air and mouth open and slobbering with blood. Ty shot a bullet, missing it as it ran by him and went towards me. I swung down as it came just in a foot toward me... this time hitting it in the head. The cracking sound of the hatchet slicing the skull made me flinch again, letting go of the hatchet and jumping back. It was the same bad mistake again.... but gladly the Undead stopped moving... frozen.. then plumped face first onto the ground. Ty shot another bullet on the back making sure it was dead.

I backed up against the wall catching my breath.

"I gotta stop doing that..." I said between my breaths.

"You'll get used to it." Ty said as he ripped off the hatchet and gave it back to me.

"Good shot by the way."

We dragged the body out and closed the doors of the houses.

"Go upstairs and check if their are any dry wood as I go outside and try to chop some branches off before they soak." Ty said in a hurry.

I went upstairs and checked various rooms... finding only a cook pot and a can of seemed to be some sort of meat.

As I went back down Ty was soaked even more and shivering.. I was worried and we needed to get the fire started. Luckily the floor was marble so as long as we control the fire it won't burn the whole house down.

Ty dropped the sticks down and sighed.

"We need stones and paper, and logs. You didn't find any?" Ty asked.

"Only this can of stuff and a cooking pot... there was paper upstairs in bookshelves." I said

"Oh good! That is bacon you found! Bacon for supper I guess then haha." Ty laughed. I interrupted though,

"I'll go outside this time and get the stones and rocks, you are soaked."

He nodded and sat down while organizing his belongings.

I ran outside... hoping no Undead are around.. if Ty was outside and didn't have trouble that mean I wouldn't have trouble. The rain immediately soaked me, so I hurried and first gathered stones to make a fire pit.

After a few minutes I was smart and first looked in a underground storage outside the building and found try logs sitting in there. I gathered them and went back inside with the stones. By the time I was inside, it felt like I came out of a pool.

When I was inside Ty had all his things organized, I can see the feathers and sticks he put aside that made me curious.

"So... what are you going to use those for?" I pointed at the items.

"I'm going to make you a homemade bow and arrows. Since we can't find ammo for that badass rifle yet." He smiled. He started picking up a stick and carving it with a kitchen knife.

I almost jumped in excitement... I don't know why.. archery was a hobby before the outbreak.

"Aw thanks Ty... if you succeed that be good. I'll start the fire then." I then started making the fire pit.

"You said you had a few matches?" I interrupted his bow making after several minutes of finishing the fire pit.

"Yes... only 8 though... so be careful." He said while tossing me the box of matches.

I grabbed one carefully. Luckily with our waterproof backpacks the match box match starter was not soaked. I then lighted the small match close to the firepit and laid the match down on a piece a paper that was with small pieces of wood. The fire-pit started a small smoke, so a blew on the smoke carefully until a small flame appeared.

After a few minutes I successfully made the fire. All the months of surviving paid off. Ty got up and poked me.

I looked behind me and saw him holding what looked to be a bow, it was carved smoothly and well sturdy. He gave it to me smiling.

"Now we just need arrows, but I need you to get more feathers while I start the arrow base." He said.

"I will once the rain stops... for now we need to warm up and eat." I argued.

"Yes... but um... in order to warm up we need to dry our clothes... you know." Ty said stammering.

I knew what he was referring to... so I went upstairs and did watch out of the windows of the building. Drying clothes meant taking them off and laying them near the fire while your soaked skin warmed up in the heat. It was the quickest way from warming up.

After about 20 minutes Ty went upstairs, he seemed less soaked. We switched places as I took my clothes off and laid it near the fire.

I trusted Ty... we were friends for a long time but respect is the main thing, and trust... especially during a apocalyptic state. We done this several times and no one decided to break the trust. Doing this was also vulnerable if a Undead or a stranger comes around... so I only warmed up my clothes for 10 minutes and wringed out the excess water quickly. I called Ty downstairs when I was dressed up.

He came down and started cutting open the can of bacon and putting it in a pot.

"It stopped raining so while I warm this up you can collect those feathers for your arrows." Ty said.

I nodded looked outside before heading out... the sun was going to set in a few hours.

While looking around for a few minutes I spotted a chicken coop I looked in, finding some feathers I grabbed and put it in my backpack. As a turned around heading back I hear my name call out.

"VICTORIA!" Ty's voice was loud enough the whole town can hear.

"I'm coming! Hold on!" I panicked and sprinted towards a open left door. I grabbed my unloaded rifle and pointed inside the home as I barged in.

When I was inside I saw Ty pointing his pistol at a unknown stranger who was holding a rifle as well, but not pointing back. He had full camofluage on and a helmet so I couldn't see his expression. His backpack was pretty militarized... like he came out of the army. He spoke out in defense,

"WHOA whoa.... no need to get violent here... " A stranger said with a grumpy voice.

"Ty... ty.. put it down.. let's not start something here." I said smoothly and pointed my rifle down.

He slowly pointed his pistol down but still held it at his side with his body

"Hello..... sir..." I said awkwardly.

"Why hello there... I seem to disturb something?" The stranger spoke. The man seem in his mid-age.

"Uh... yes actually, you scared my friend... see, he um... not good with strangers and is very protective." I said stammering. "Isn't that right Ty?"

Ty nodded with a glare, I shot him a stare to not start anything hostile.

Let me explain my friend before I write any further.

Ty is a good partner and friend since we met, but he is very protective to me. Never piss him off or trick him, he will die trying to kill much people as he can and protecting me before his last breath. He is not well with strangers, as I do all the talking while we encounter strangers. I use a excuse as he doesn't know English well. Again, Ty is very protective... as he almost shot the man that stood there. Back to the story...

"I see..." said the man curious.

I didn't know if this man was alone or not, Ty always thinks he is with someone is why he is hostile. So I try to be quick in conversation.

"So um... sorry to scare you with my friend see... he doesn't know English well.. and um... he is not well with strangers, he protects me... very protects me." What I said didn't make sense so I ended with my name. "Uh.. so ya my name is Victoria, and this is Ty."

The man exchanged looks at me, he knew I was nervous.

"Not English? Didn't you just speak English to him now?" He said.

I felt sweat on my back.

"Uh.. he understands... some.... just not a lot." I said.

"Ah.. so what does he speak?" The man asked.

Crap.... what language would he won't speak?

"um... French..." I said quickly. I prayed hoping he doesn't speak that language.

It was a awkward silence for a moment, I hope he doesn't raise his weapon or his friends jump on us.

"You cooking up something here?" He asked like he is demanding food.

I looked down at the pot with bacon in it. I didn't want to share it because we didn't eat a full meal in a long time. So I thought of the many apples we collected.

"Um.. yes but, sorry not much there. I have some apples if you want any.. helps you hydrated as well." I offered.

He looked at me curious....

"No thanks....." he slowed his speaking.

It was awkward silence again, until I spoke out.

"So um ya... sorry but um, we like to be in peace.... Ty gets more anxious as strangers stick around. Again, sorry for scaring you and that..." I looked at him trying to look authoritarian.

The stranger nodded and started walking towards the door.

"Goodbye... Ty, and Victoria... safe travels." He then disappeared after shutting the door.

I sighed in relief, but tensed and worried he will be back with friends. Ty interrupted my thoughts.

"I was going to kill him if you weren't here in a few more seconds." He said harshly.

I nodded and didn't say anything.... I understand his condition with the outbreak but blood does not need to be spilled.

"We could of 'borrowed' his backpack you know. I liked the look of it" He then said.

"Uh.. no Ty what if he had friends?" I said.

"Your right... and I don't want to stay here any longer, we have to get out of here before he does come back with maybe friends. Still, we could of make sure he doesn't have friends... that backpack looks awesome, and keeping people alive is the answer to coming back with friends." He put the pot back up near the fire.

I sighed... he was right we could of left him bounded here... or even killed him, but he understood I'm not that type of person, unless I need to protect myself.

We then quickly put the bacon away and ate for 30- seconds before packing up and leaving. I wanted to eat and sleep in the building, but keep moving was the number one rule.

As we left town Ty showed me he was half done with the arrows. I had my one unloaded rifle in one shoulder and my bow slinged on my other shoulder. I felt like a hunter or something trenching with this stuff.

We kept heading East, hoping to find a place to rest and eat. I was feeling sick again with the lack of sleep.

................always run.................always move........

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