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Contact Report

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Location: Approx 1Km South of Zelenogorsk

Unit/s Involved: 2 Section ,Bravo Company, Detachment of 1RAR (Royal Australian Regiment)

Contact Details: At approx 03:23, Infantryman Scott Derrick spotted movement through the trees South East of his location. Upon investigation, numerous infected (approx 30-40 infected at the time of contact) were spotted making there way towards Zelenogorsk. Upon reporting the contact to base, orders were to engage and terminate the infected.

At approx 03:31, 2 Section took up position 150 meters back from the treeline, waiting for the infected to emerge from the forest. 3-4 minutes later, contact was made and Section 2 open fired.

Within 50 seconds to 2 minutes, approx 2 dozen contacts had been put down. Unfortunately, rifle fire caught the attention of infected from the East. Some 40 to 50 infected began to flank 2 Section.

Unable to fall back fast enough, 2 Section was overcome by the infected. Numerous casualties were sustained before 4 section could arrive to put down the remaining infected. Only 3 survivors were reported of the 12 man section.

4 Section sustained no casualties.

Casualties: All 2 section: Pvt Richard Fredrik KIA, Pvt Samuel Miller KIA, Pvt David Inigo KIA , Pvt Michael Mann KIA , Pvt Kerrod Bevilaqua KIA , Pvt Desmond Redd KIA , Pvt Leonard Heron KIA , Cpl Jack Hartley KIA and Cpl James Gianni KIA.

No injuries were sustained by the remaining 3 members of 2 section.


Notes: Remaining 3 members of 2 Section placed under care at base for possible mental trauma. Echo Squad, an SASR (Special Air Service Regiment) detachment from SOCOMD (Special Operations Command) sent south to confirm infected movements in the area. Sgt Daniel Seether leading.

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Guest RagingRooster

Sorry but these things annoy me :)

In Australia, Private is abbrievated to Pte. not Pvt.

"2 Section Bravo Company 1RAR" reads invalid as a unit name,

Proper use would be "2 Sctn. 1st Platoon. B Coy, 1RAR"

Remember, 8 men in a section, 3 Sections in a Platoon, 3 Platoons in a company, 3 compaines in a battlion, 3 battlions in a Regiment

if you want the actual layout of a SITREP, just PM me. i am a signaller and i get super anal about this stuff!

hope it helps you!

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