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**Eddie pokes listlessly at the smouldering fire, his boots steaming from the night soaked dew. He glances over at the sleeping form huddled near him before reaching for his radio and walking off into the darkness.**

**He stops a few meters from the camp, brushes the leaves from a fallen birch trunk and sits down. His figure seeming smaller somehow, his shoulders hunched inward. He rubs his brow and exhales deeply before dialling in the frequency and bringing the mic to his mouth.**


"Six days... Six fuckin' days I've been in this bastard cess pool, that's all. Running around the hills trying to make some sense of it all...

These warm nights remind me of being back on tour... Davey seems happy enough though, maybe I could learn a thing or two from him.

we've saved each other's arses more times than I can remember, bloody good kid, keen eyes.

I haven't lost this feeling of hopelessness since we've last crossed the channel. It's far worse here than I thought...

Here's me thinking my fighting days were over, now we're stuck here, an advance party in the middle of fucking nowhere.

Contact with NFC relays has been spotty, I've not heard from the rest of Delta in the last four days.

Davey doesn't know, he's got enough on his plate as it is.

We've found a wee place to set up and monitor communications around the area, we've not heard much but what we have heard has been

pretty depressing.

The survivors held up in the town hall were pushed out by bandits, poor bastards, hope they all got out.

Men in masks, with shotguns, we seen them from our positions in the trees.

This fucking place, men fighting men and the dead feast on the remains.

Many sleepless nights spent hunting around back-water towns for equipment and supplies, like a pair of fucking animals.

I'd say I dream of being back home but these days it seems like dreams are a luxury I'm not afforded.

I'm tired, I don't know how much longer I can do this, you did the right thing when you chose Davey, somehow that lad

has a way of keeping my head out of the shite. He looks at me and he must think I'm all over it, little does he know how far

my head is up my own arse sometimes...

We've not seen or heard from any other groups in the area yet, let alone any word of "The Source" the boffins from Edinburgh so

virulently insisted could be found here.

Anyway sweetheart, we're still trying to make progress... there's still some hope.

Donna, I love you darling, where ever you are and I'll see you soon..."

**He sits for a while longer, watching the light from the fire play off the trees before heading back and rousing his companion for another long night.**

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