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"i watched a penis destroy a flying swastika" - unknown steam review, recommended.

This game for me, is the most fun i've had in a while. It combines elements from World of Tanks/warplanes and minecraft, creating sort of customziable vehicular combat. The game is still in early alpha, yet updated in a steady pace. The gameplay and creation is mostly a trial and error, fixing those errors and going on with that to figure out how to make the most effective hovercraft/tank/jeep/walker/plane of your choice.

It features a premium shop, but all the items there are obitainable through the techtree, and are usually worse than what you could build yourself, it mostly incldues custom-frill and premium membership which increases your money gain which you use to purchase pieces to further your creation.

So far, i have enjoyed the game to a halfway-point of tier 4-5 and came out smiling. Though people keep telling me there are penises and swastikas about, i've yet to see any.

Try this little game yourself, and if you have already, discuss!

I currently own premium myself so if there are other players, i can form up a platoon of four for us.

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