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Alek Kaznakovi [Background then Journal]

Guest Agald

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Name: Aleksandr Mikhail Kaznakovi

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: N/A

Place of Birth: Ufa, Russia

Occupation: Member of SOBR

Parents: Shasha Kaznakovi and Viktor Kaznakovi

Siblings: None

Spouse: N/A

Status: Merc Company is out of country at the moment leaving Alek alone in the Chernarus District. For the time being Alek Kazkanovi is going to be solo in the land and running as a private contractor. Working for whoever whenever. A gun for hire.

Former member of the Russian Ground Forces, Alek was a Senior Praporshchik in charge of a covert sniper unit within the 45th Detached Reconnaissance Regiment. Alek and his squad were some of the first on the field, as well as the last ones off the field. They Provided support for forward operation forces while providing vital reconnaissance when it was required. Alek and his team have been involved in many operation worldwide. After beeing taken prisoner by extremists in Syria Alek resigned from the Russian Ground Forces. Alek soon realized how potent of a drug war was and could not sit there doing nothing. Alek joined the Russian Police Force, with his extensive field work and knowledge he worked his way up paramilitary forces until he was selected to be apart of SOBR. Alek seized the chance to join SOBR. As a SOBR recruit he was trained at the Hatsavita Mountain Warfare Training Centre alone side Spetsnaz, Vityaz, and OMON Forces. Alek was working with SOBR in many SWAT situations in the Russian area. Alek was a marksman for SOBR. Alek was usually sent into high stress situations which ranged from a hostage crisis to terror plots within or around Russia. In his most recent mission Alek and his team were sent down into the Chernarus District into Elektrozavodsk to deal with a hostage situation that had taken place in the school. During this operation the infection spread into Elektrozavodsk it swept over like wildfire. The whole operation went to shit when a mob of what was thought to be rioters later found to be zombies broke into the school. Guns were going off all over, the children screamed in terror and Alek made the call to enter the complex and find out what is happening. That is where he had his first contact with the creatures. He drew his M1911 and fired two shots into what seemed like rioter charging him. He soon inspected the body and noticed it was very sickly looking. Alek did what he could to get the kids out. Once the kids had met up with paramilitary forces outside Alek reentered the building to locate his team. During his sweep of the building he found the hostiles but they had already been gotten to and were not worth saving. Alek Rushed to the roof where he found his team holding off against the new found threat. Shortly after they fought their way downstairs and into the crowd of people standing watching. The team realized something was wrong and they all decided this was the end and went their separate ways some for family, others for friends. Alek had no family and his friends were his unit so he grabbed what he could and decided to make a living out of fighting the infection. He was later picked up by a group of roving traders and assisted them for awhile but eventually a Mercenary group caught wind of what he was doing in the wasteland and recruited him as he seemed of assistance.

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** In one of the barracks at Trade Post Alek leaves a journal on a table. Every night Alek wanders back on in and he will write the days events into the journal before passing out in one of the cots, early morning the next day Alek gets up and heads on out into the land once again **

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** The content of his journal will include things that are not part of the game but in a real situations are extremely likely to happen and those things would be amazing if they were added **

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-= Journal Entry =-

February 17, 2013

Today I awoke to the sound of gunfire and rushed out of the barracks to find a few survivors killing zombies at the front gate of the Trade Post. I guess the fires last night attracted a nearby heard of those walkers. After disposing of the bodies with the survivors I made my way out into the land. Now here is a survival tip there are a lot of pine trees surrounding the Trade Post, Now this is my advice to all of you survivors who may read this journal. Grab a large amount of pine needles and bring them back into Trade Post. Now boil a large bushel of these pine needles and drink the water once boiled. Pine needles have ten times more vitamin C than a lemon, So this is one of those things that keeps me healthy. You are also going to want to avoid drinking soda as much as possible that may feel like a quick fix for the thirst but in the long run your rotting your insides just as quick as if you were a zombie. Now on another note today I visited the Polana market to grab some canned foods, while there I noticed a large concentration of zombies huddling around a shack. I went to investigate so I pulled out my sidearm and killed them to find a unconscious man bleeding out inside. I bandaged him up and gave him a blood bag. I reloaded his rifle for him so when he awoke he was not defenseless, I then went on my way because I did not want to risk meeting him when he woke up. I walked around for a few hours seeing if I could assist anybody, I did not find a single soul so I am beginning my long trek to camp over on the west side. I will be back eventually this will be the last log in this journal for awhile. I will be leaving signs and such in major cities when I discover big things.


Alek Kaznakovi

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Keep writing man, this stuff is good. Also, is the part about the pine needles true?

yes the pine needles thing is true. When I put in survival tips those are going to be actual things you can use in survival situations haha!

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-= Journal Entry =-

February 27, 2013

Finally I made it back...Its been days now out surviving on the land assisting where we could. My Mercenary crew got a contact to hunt down this individual known as Cameron King. So any information you may have regarding his whereabouts if you could just jot down a few notes in here that would be great in helping to catch this fugitive. But these last few days have been crazy. I finally put my SOBR uniform away because that was the old me and its time to move on so I put back together some of my old military equipment.

Spent a lot of time back on the east side now I do not see the reason to be around the west any more just more bandits and such. Me and my crew were looting an airfield few days back and we were attacked by them S-GRU, we both took loses but moved on from the engagement. I have recently taken to using my old KSVK for long range engagements but it was almost stolen so I had it buried for safe keeping.

Also over the past few days when the Rising Freeborns are out operating in other districts I have been running with group of random survivors. Seems the group is made up of a pilot, some crazy guy, a doctor, some ex American Soldier, and your everyday normal survivor. Not sure of the plan for any of us or anyone we meet the situations are dealt with as they come to us. Had a few sketchy moments but they turned out to be alright. Basically we are just surviving like anyone else out there and I want you all to know do not give up out there, keep pushing the survivors will prevail one day.

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Guest Agald

-= Journal Entry =-

March 3th, 2013

Its been awhile since I wrote in here, But I do what I can. The time I have been out there has gotten rougher than usual. Lost a couple of guys in a shootout and one of them had the infection so we put them down. Shit is not looking any better I mean every day I fall asleep waiting for the sun to rise knowing that even when it does nothing is going to change.

Turns out that company I was working for has fallen off the grid and I have no clue what happened to them I guess something went terribly wrong in the leadership and the whole operation collapsed. yesterday I met up with some of those guys I have been running with for awhile now, There was this new guy too but he died pretty early in the night Got trapped in some house with a couple of zeds poor bastard I shot him in the head to end the pain.

What was left of the group headed towards Berenzino where I broke off from the group to provide over-watch as they loot. Saw a car speeding south of them. It was headed west right towards them. I doped my scope and aimed at the driving Just some guy. His face looked very scared hell he kept looking behind him He hit a fence. As he got closer I saw his face more clearly It was just some Kid. Probably like 17 or 18. No one else in that car just the face of a young kid scared out of his mind. As the car sat on top of the fence he crushed the zombies rushed over to the car. I took aim and took a shot at the zombie closet to him, He flopped over. Then the next one.

My goal for shooting was to one give this kid a chance to get the hell out and also as a warning that he was not alone here. The tires spun as he just kept driving forwards through the yard and back onto the road. No idea who he was or what he was doing but it was none of my concern That is when I saw the flash...

-= Journal Entry =-

March 4th, 2013

It was late that night, that night you know where The kid crashed the car, my friends found some more supplies, You all know one of the usual nights...That night was normal but as the sun slowly crept up from the east and the night turned to morning that is where it went from the everyday survival of the fittest to a real Oh shit moment. I swear not 30 minutes before I heard the noise of one of those American C130 planes flying by a good ways off But I was on the coast at the time so it could have been something like the wind or the tide.

That was until after that kid drove off, I was scoping out the woods to our north west when up in the sky a light streaked through the sky above me. been awhile since I saw a shooting star only as soon as it passed I heard the rumble. That unmistakable rumble of American aircraft. I did hear a C130. It was early morning now, Enough where you can see just fine but it is still night.

I followed the plane through the sky before I saw a brighter flash in the distance to the North west where I was looking. It did not look good. I called down to the guy watching the stairs below me that we needed to get over there now. We all got in this UAZ and offroad truck we located that day.

We headed north west and we were in a hurry. As we got closer the sunlight was even bright It was like 04:45. The sunlight was just right that as we approached the crash site I could see parachutes dotting the sky. The forest was in flames from all that wreckage and the field before it was a mess. As we got closer I noticed there were men on the ground, No parachute on them looks like they fell out. We pulled off into the trees to await the arrival of the ones above us. As we sat there I could here things falling through the branches. Slowly I look up a body drops through the trees and smacks on the ground not 10 meters from me.

I was looking forward towards the wreckage it was like 3 minutes and finally I saw a guy touch down but as he touches down I saw a few walkers stray from the treeline I got next to the tree and fired. Right past the man who just landed. I shot the zombies quick allowing him the chance to get off his chute.

As I approached I could tell He was not doing So Good, hell he didn't even care I was running up on him. But that may have been just because I said Sir sit steal I am coming to help. As I got over I assisted the man to his feet and got him back to the treeline and laid him in the back of the pickup and checked him for Injuries.

I took his rifle and tossed it the drivers seat of the UAZ as i threw it I noticed the scope, It had a saphire lens on it. As we continued to help him and finally got him on his feet. He eventually was able to stand on his own two legs and lean against the pickup. We filled him in on what is happening and where exactly he is. We took him back to our camp where we got him some food, Blood bagged him and bandaged all his wounds. No idea who this man was or what he was doing but nothing was done that would be considered hostile yet. So we took him in.

Holy shit....what a morning It was about 9am before we could all just lie back and relax for a moment.

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Guest Agald


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