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helicrash route

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But is it worth, running 1h?

Just sprint :)

Maybe, maybe not.

I just can say that im playing min 20 hours a week and it worked 3 times last month.

Route is by ryanbroman. He wrote:

Chances of Finding Helicopter Crash (I don’t know how they calculate it so that they don’t spawn near each other so that isn’t factored in.

These numbers are approximate and should only be used for reference

Math: Number of Choppers per Server Reset [3](Number of Spawns in Visible Area/Total Spawn Points)

Then I turn the number into an approximate percentage (to the nearest hundredths)

Northwest Airfield: 43%

Taking a route all along these 20 crash spawns in the photo: 86%

So this was a lot easier than I thought. Just take that route. Next I’m gonna focus on midgame routes to maximise military loot and minimise other players

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