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Risen Paul

Shortage for fuel and radios

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There are two things I'm constantly finding in Chernarus these days:

5l- fuel cans and radios.

I remember that not too long ago a reduce for the availability of fuel had been made.

Among other things the plan was to increase the value of fuel, so that survivors would have a reason to trade with it.

Maybe it's my bad luck, but whenever I'm trying to trade away my cans I'm getting the answer that they don't have any worth.

More than once I've noticed vehicles at Solace being heavily loaded with fuel stocks and no one would show any interest for them.

Therefore my suggestion is to further reduce the availability of fuel.

Similar to the described situation above are my experiences with radios, although the amount of radio-spawns is annoying me way more.

I have the feeling that radios are the very last thing to find, when nothing else of any use is spawning, so from my point of view they are only wasting space.

I mean, isn't it enough that every survivor starts with a radio on him, which is a rather questionable matter for itself, but moreover you can expect to find a radio to be in most of the abandonded tents you would check out there.

If we would remove radios from the spawn-table or at least make it a rare item, I can only see benefits coming out of it.

We would have more spawns of useful items respectively fewer useless checks for radios (I think radios can easily be taken for attachments etc.).

Also the quality of TS-use might profit when players face the possibility to not own a radio or that they could lose it more easily.

To be sure there is a danger of people being robbed for their radios, but as it happens bandits will rob their victims anyway and have them drop their radios.

Overall fewer radios in DayZRP should increase the immersion and radio-conversations themselves, as there would be less room for pointless chatting.

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