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Radio Chatter rules

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Welcome to the new forum section - Radio Chatter. Here we role play our characters outside of the game. Here are some simple rules to follow in order to keep this section nice and clean:

1. All post content must be strictly IC. No OOC content is allowed at all, even using "//" or similar tags. If you want to discuss the threads or posts from these forums OOC, use TeamSpeak or create a new thread in General Forums.

2. All DayZRP rules apply in this section, just as they would in game. So no meta- or powergaming etc.

3. Keep all your messages relevant and on topic. Content that is prohibited in radio chatter (including IC):

  • hate messages, overly hostile replies
  • radio warriors, provoking, taunting
  • replies that add nothing to the conversation, consist of just insults, laughter, mocking of others, memes, etc

4. All frequencies and messages are treated public and all players and characters can use the conversations as IC information later in game.

5. If someone is having a conversation and you're not involved be nice and don't interrupt it with useless remarks.

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