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See yah, For now

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Revilo    7

Well DayzRP has been really fun, ill be returning to it again at some point after everything has calmed down in my life. I got college ramming work into me like no tomorrow, the numbers in the mod have been declining due to RP Standalone and to top it all off my grand dad recently died of terminal bowel and lymph node cancer. Now the last of the reasons has royally pissed me off, and is obviously the main reason ill be taking my break as i know i will end up doing something irrational resulting in me getting banned,

I'll still be on teamspeak playing Arma 3 maybe some wasteland if you want to join me and also ill be on the forums but as for the roleplay, ill have to leave it for now


SIDE NOTE - i want NO comments about my "Loss" as ive had enough people say it to me already. (Even in teamspeak)

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Good luck with your college work Seabass :) And I hope you return soon! Take care

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Mellstrom    21

Not really o7, this just means less DayzRP but not an ending. Ill see you around TS :)

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