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In-clan KoS allowed?

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As long as it is agreed in your clan requirements to not report these KOS it will not be a problem.

That's the point. The clan needs to allow in-clan KoS first. While the douchebag-esque killing of absolutely everyone is the shit thing about the official servers, the beauty of them are that you can't fully trust anyone.

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KoS is a KoS, if he reports it and there's no agreement that it's allowed, most likely there will be punishment.

Basically this ^

This isn't the politically correct way of saying this, and I am not condoning this at all, as you will get in trouble if you do this and get caught, but its a KOS if someone reports it (or if you get caught doing it).

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My leader crashed our SUV and I shot him in the head.

I ran over mavasaur during a firefight :3

he was mad :/

Yeah, you suck. :P

edit: But srsly. If you KoS a clan member, he can report you just like any other member of this community. Just being in a clan together doesn't make both parties immune to rules.

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This will surely be controversial, but I'd like to ask whether or not it might be okay to KoS in between clan members, so you distrust people who might kill you behind your back.

The same goes each way.

If they join and you don't trust them. Why is this? Are they spies sent in to join your clan in order to KoS you?

This is pretty silly.

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As someone said, if you cant trust a clan member and actually want to KoS them or feel the need to actually report a fellow clan member for a KoS, then there's a serious issue above the option of reporting. Maybe a change of clan or poking the clan leader is in order, rather then a new rule section for something like this.

Seems pretty silly if something like this should be considered neccecery.

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