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Expert pilot looking for group

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Hi, just joined on here and looking for a mature/experienced group.

I've been playing DayZ for far too long and just left a community of hero/medics as server was shut down and looking for a new home.

I'm an extremely competant pilot i.e. can recover from rotor loss and get it on the ground and for a truly terrifying experience I can fly the littlebird at 3m and/or fly into a hangar and out again. Basically I don't need auto-hover to land ;-)


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  • MVP

Greetings Prospero.

I hope you find what you are looking for.

There is a lack of chopper pilots that intend to do some good out there. Many have reverted to becoming bandits.

If you feel you wish to approach any groups that match your personality, I would have a look at the clan forum here: http://www.dayzrp.com/f-clans-and-groups

There are few choppers so it may be worth expressing what else you can do until one is available.

Good luck to you Prospero. May the wind always be beneath your wings.

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Hmmm, we used to have a really nice EMS heli evac program, what ever happened to that?

TOR is a wandering band of heroes and do-gooders wandering the coast and closely allied to all the medic clans on the server. We don't often get hold of helicopters, but maybe you could turn that situation around?

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  • Emerald

Sounds like a man I can use. I need a backup medic as well as a pilot. You can join RF by coming on TS and playing with us. Send me an application from our thread and I will review it with some members

Colossus new RF leader?

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