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Chat Bug

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I'm referring to the direct chat bug and voice chat not being hear or seen by 1 or both parties in some cases. I don't know if this is something that we can solve or what but I think it should be addressed. It should take priority over new TP's and PCB's and skins and such.

But if there's nothing that can be done just say so.

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  • MVP

Alpha :(

Keep your fingers crossed mate and hopefully they will address it soon. In the mean-time try to use any means you can in order to communicate or make your self known.

Body language in the game works. If you are friendly why not try using the q + e 'wiggle wiggle' as I call it.

Big problem but as long as both parties can find some way to communicate then it can turn out ok.

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If acre gets implented in final version (and people would use it correctly)the dirrect communication voice chat will be ALOT better. Since all the communication is done throught teamspeal and not arma .

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