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Dale Gribble

Looking For Clan

What is your choice on adding me to your group?  

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  1. 1. What is your choice on adding me to your group?

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Hi, I'm still a bit rusty to dayzrp with only a bit of playtime on dayzrp, in a week or so I think it will become my primary game as of my arma unit that I am currently running may disband soon. I have plenty of experience in arma but not a lot in dayz, here are my current stats: (in games that relate to dayzRP)

Arma 2

247 hrs on record

Arma 2: Free

237 hrs on record

Arma 3

191 hrs on record

Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead

146 hrs on record


53 hrs on record


38 hrs on record

As you see, I have plenty of experience with arma and can be fairly active, I'm looking for a laid back group that has active members and is willing to train newer players in DayzRP, I dont need help with my roleplay, just getting started with a group of trusted guys and getting into more group play, tomorrow I can be on all day and would like to start my recruitment there, but I must say, I am a bit rusty. :)

Thank you for considering me.

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