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Hello guys

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I'm Jason i am 43 years old and i'm also sick of being ruthlessly murdered without warning by kids who sound about 12 or 13.

RP is what i have been looking for,for over a year without realising until now it existed!

Really looking forward to some new adventures without the KOs headaches.

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Hey mate, welcome to the community.

Make sure you've quadruple read our rules and I wish you luck on your whitelist application.

I'd also recommend taking a look at our Lore and Stories section to help you out with building your character.

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to PM me or any other Community helpers - or come up to our Helpdesk on TeamSpeak.

Above all else, enjoy your time here!


The Rifleman

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Hello and welcome to the community! :)

I am sure you are going to enjoy your time in here :P

As I can see that you have Standalone name "Kryten", I am informing you that you need to have a first and second name (look example from my name :))

If you happen to have any questions / problems, let us know, we won't bite :D

I believe you have submitted your whitelist and are awaiting it being accepted. I wish you good luck with that and hope to see you ingame soon!

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

I have indeed submitted my application. I did have a good read through the guides and did my best on it.

I look forward to seeing you soon in game as Jason Ford! :D

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Hello and welcome to the community, best of luck with your application!

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Welcome to the community! Congrats on being white listed :)

If you need any help just ask or come in TS and ask. Good luck out there

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