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SA GUID issue

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Can an admin accept my whitelist application for the the SA server now please? its been over a week and i've asked 3 times now. cheers

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Unfortunately the admins have to input the GUID manually when they have the time to do so. Often enough they do this when they have time on their hand as their duties are time consuming for them. You just have to be patient about this as many other people are in the same boat with you. I had to wait a to get into the SA server personally.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon though.

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Before you get the white-list request looked at by an admin they check to see if you've become a fully white-listed member for the mod server. In your white-list page, make sure you have been accepted. It should look like this;


If you're already white-listed for the mod then just enter the correct GUID for your Standalone and an Admin will get around to it when they have the spare time.

At the moment there are a lot of people waiting and the process of manually white-listing people takes some time considering the amount of people that have applied so please just hang in there and be patient it'll get done soon.

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yeah I already spoke to you guys on the TS about 10 minutes ago lol. you told me to hassle the admins and i did so im just waiting for someone to actually do something :)

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Right I am going to solve this know as it is a known issue currently and we have answered your question relating to this on the forums and TS. Sorry it has to be currently like this but it is the only way currently it can be done.


Wait for SA whitelisting to be updated by admins


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