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From Bandit to Hero - A Condiment's Tale.

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My name is Sauce and I used to be a bandit.

It started so suddenly, the high powered M4 assault rifle in my hand made me feel like a god..

No one could stop us, we were untouchable.

With 4872 hours combined, the addiction was plain to see.

If you can bear to watch, these are the sort of things we would do for kicks:

(WARNING: Use of strong language and scenes of a graphic nature may offend some viewers)


I've put it all behind me now, with a simple 10 step program I have completely removed all desire for banditry from my system.

I've even joined an RP server and started a Hero group.


(Shameless self promotion)

This method could work for YOU, with 10 simple payments and one final difficult payment you too can be enrolled in the 10 steps to recovery.

CALL 0900-555-BANDITBEGONE for more details.

-PayPal donations accepted.

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Just for a laugh man, some old footage of my banditin' dayZ.

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Once a bandit, forever a bandit.

Heroes are only temporary. You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain

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I guess that's true haha, you could always be a gentleman highwayman though... Best of both worlds.

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You should've danced!

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