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NFC Ranger Open Communications

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NFC Communications Frequency 202.56mhz Long Wave, Band D.


"This is Captain Eddie Reid speaking for NFC Ranger Company Delta on open communication channels...

We need to know who's still out there...

Since entering the area we've come across little sign of survivors in the out-lying regions.

Our search of the Northern towns lead us to a group, trading out of a recently reclaimed town hall.

Good people, willing to help others and trying to rebuild.

We intend to venture further south in search of survivors. I ask for any listeners to open communication. We can help.

Scouting groups will make periodic sweeps of the area, acquiring supplies and providing aid.

Comms are still open, here's hoping you're out there and can find a way to get a message through,

Stay safe and keep fighting,

Eddie out..."

(OCC - We're looking for a few folk to roam with, send a message back if you feel like hanging out and we can meet up.)

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