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Katerina Knife-Slasher

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Hoooooooooooo nelly.

Wanted to commend you for your entertaining approach to hostile roleplay - rather than acting aggressive in the pursuit of gear or loot, you very clearly prioritized the roleplay in your actions and I think this is more of what the community needs. It's a shame I had to end it so quickly (and I apologize if that was a rather abrupt end to what you had going on) but I hope you understood the circumstance. Knife wielding attacker in front of me in a stairwell and two buddies behind me; there was no way John would've been able to backpedal away from you and out of stabbing distance. I'll admit you scared the tits off of me, getting so close. In my entire time here at DayZRP (about a year and a half now, maybe? Probably a little less) I've never once killed anyone, and I can say honestly this was my first ever. Still a bit in shock, really. I feel dirty. :c

If bandits/aggressive roleplayers were to take a lesson from you we'd see a massive increase in the quality of roleplay encounters between the good and not-so-good.

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Guest TehGreekGamer

The kid with the mask was asking me questions and i go up to him and "No more questions BOY!" and he tells "You dont threaten me and if i find you out there i will show you" so i casually wear my brass knuckles and punch him in the face. If he didnt had a mask he would have been dead or passed out. Most of my characters are phychos....

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I got their right as they killed her, I wish I could have gotten their slightly sooner and tried to talk her down.....or punch her in the face with my brass knuckled and handcuff her to settle her down.

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