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Well hell.

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Hey guys,name is Tom Lawlor. I am a recently returning survivor. Now, coming back from off the grid Im looking foreword to cleaning up and democratizing the cities and towns of Cherno with you fine people. All that's left is trying to get things back to the way they used to be. We will ALL have to band together to survive and evolve past this dark period. Good luck out there guys n gals :)

Tom Lawlor

P.s don't fuck with me or mine

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Guest Vittoria
X7jnpRm.png Damn, you've been here a while.

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Welcome back snertdog,

Assuming you've been gone for quite a while I'd suggest getting up-to-date with the new rules.

You'll probably need to update so I suggest having a look through this thread. Once you've got your new ArmA 2 details you'll have to request a GUID/PID reset here.

Good luck mate!

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Ahh, so you're all set to go. :D

I hope you enjoy your return to DayZRP!

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Welcome and congratulations on your acceptance :)

Good luck out there

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