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Chris Kyle

DayZRP Mod Still Worth Playing?

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Hey guys,

The title bascially is the question. I came back to DayZRP to see if the community was even still alive, and since it is... I was wondering if its still worth playing? Also at the moment I am planning on playing DayZ Mod still, due to the fact that SA is still some ass in my personal opinion.

So please write your responses below to the question.

Is DayZRP Mod Still Worth Playing?

Best Regards,


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I've been sticking to SA recently, trying to figure out a character I enjoy playing and I enjoy the game a lot more... But the mod is still a lot of fun and there is a lot of good rp to be had. Honestly it comes down to personal preference...

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Guest Vittoria


SA can be fun with the attention-detail/no groups that are OP military.

But im still enjoying the mod. Their is still quite a bit to do, and i just started a new char and joined a new group.

I usually create quite a bit of alts on the mod, helps keep it new and refreshing.

(cut for pcbs)

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I still love the Mod, we have control in there to change and add stuff :) We are having the return of PCB's and settlements, groups are changing and i see more civilians then ever too.

I haven't gotten into SA at all but I blame that on first it crashing my pc and now not knowing what I want to do :)

In the end they are very different games and both will remain enjoyable to me

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I still have a special feeling for the mod but I think it will begin to drop in numbers and Standalone will begin to take it's popularity. Once we can get proper tools to monitor in-game activity we'll be able to tell if people's interests shift or stay with the mod. I believe having both until the mod completely dies isn't a bad thing but I don't see us playing the mod in a year's time.

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Is it worth playing it? Personal preference I guess. I personally have made a lot of great memories playing the mod, and I continue to make new ones each time I log on and RP with my friends or new people. Definitely give it a try, at least.

DayZRP mod has pretty much been changing a lot, and most of these changes have been good. Eventually SA is going to kind of drag out the mod crowd, but as of right now, not very much. It's a little unstable, especially with the amount of bugs that are bound to come and go.

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I feel that this has been answered thoroughly for you but will leave open for further discussion.

On a personal note the mod is still being developed and has content which SA may not have. Also SA isn't as stable as the mod IMO. Personally it comes down to preference.


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No offense, but I don't get why there seems to be a certain tendency to say the mod isn't enjoyable anymore.

I can state that since I've joined here the quality of content in DayZRP has increased steadily.

There might be small problems with trolling or the like from time to time, but overall it is beyond dispute that the role playing and general attitude of the community is outstanding.

Under these conditions I'm looking forward to every day of playing the mod.

Every day has been different for me, sometimes with frustrating IC-experiences too, still in the end I'm always leaving with the impression that I've learned a bit and had some entertainment.

I guess it is human nature to perceive something as boring after a while and always strive for the new.

Nonetheless, with all the changes already mentioned by my previous speakers the mod is very alive for me.

So if one says the mod has become uninteresting for him, I can imagine there might be other reasons for it than the mod itself.

It isn't always easy to role play, find the right words, be creative etc., but in DayZRP you will find a lot of starting points for it, no matter if you want to play as a bandit, hero, civilian, or completely different character.

I'm seeing successful role play as a challenge, a work that has to be built step by step.

Maybe if the mod really has become boring for one, a creative break could help those to reconsider what possibilities the mod offers.

I've seen it yesterday, during the maintenance I had to play ArmA 2-wastelands and found myself an interesting server with slightly different game-settings than I've used to know it.

Still it was enough to make that mod interesting for me once more.

I've had target practice with overpowered weapons and now I can't wait to play DayZRP again (Don't worry I have no intentions to harm survivors :D).

So ArmA 2 is something that isn't really getting old for me anytime soon.

Just my two cents!

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