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Part One

The last thing I remembered was walking through the forest at night, then the sounds of the wind changed into the sound of gunshots, the village nearby me was being lit up. Being curious, I began to take out my binoculars to watch the bloodshed. The smell of gunpowder that filled my nostrils, was beginning to mix with a horrible stench. The smell of a decaying body, but not similar to the dead that walk the Earth, the smell was so pungent that every trace of gunpowder in the air vanished.

I searched around the forest I was in, to discover that nothing could be seen. I decided to move south through the forest, but away from the town. The stench seemed to follow every footstep I took, my stomach was getting a bit queasy and I decided to jog to occupy my stomach and to abandon the smell. My fast paced movement was interrupted by a tree stump, and due to my luck, I vomited the meal I had earlier in the day.

Unfamiliar voices came running up from the direction I came from, "You fucking pig, you think you can run from us?"

"What the hell, he hasn't been eating well, just look at him."

The first voice was heard again, "he's still the first catch of the week."

Wiping my mouth, I look back and see seven men, they all had on mismatched clothes and shoes that did not look their size. One of them offers me a help to stand up. I am ambivalent of taking the man's hand, their vocal language and body language did not match at all, they looked like men trying to survive, but by the words coming out of their mouth, it seemed as if they were some kind of bandit group.

"I can help myself up, thank you," I pushed myself off the ground and came to balance on my feet, "so.. uhh... How are you gentlemen doing this evening?" The man seemed to be the source of the pungent smell.

The man who attempted to help me began to speak with an Irish accent, "ah laddy, we were having a terrible week until we found you," the man walks in a circle around me, he seemed to be judging me, "oh my, oh my. You are a pretty boy, you know that? I mean, you could use some more.. meat.. on your bones, but hey, no one's perfect."

My stomach began to feel sick again, I turned and vomited into the pile I left there a minute before. The gunshots in the village began to get closer, and I can see an armored vehicle on the road trying to join the battle. I got to my feet, and started waving at the tank, hoping someone inside could see me. The Irishman shouted out to the owner of the first voice I heard, "Robert!"

Robert grabbed me by the arms, and tried to control me. Without hesitation, the back of my head slammed into his face. With my vision starting to get blurry, I grabbed my hatchet off my belt, and I started to swing towards my assailant.

The last thing I remembered was my face slamming into my pile of vomit.

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I was going to ask if you actually had an encounter in game until you brought up the tank. :D

A good piece, a small enjoying read. I'm guessing this plays a part for your characters backstory? If so, well laid out. Theither mystery behind the tank is bothering me a little, but I guess we'll hopefully know soon enough in your future entries.

Keep it up!

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There's a lot more to add, this story is just being made because I was gone for 2 months due to my computer's HDDs failing.

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