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RP Journal - Dr. Hale Masters

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Entry 1: Playpen

So... I am stuck here. Not what was originally planned, I will be honest. I was hoping to pop in, shatter a few minds, and leave. But the stuffy world governments have quarantined the area apparently. A inconvenience, but I suppose it just means a longer vacation. Perhaps this book will be larger than I thought...

Yes, I should mention I am writing a book. A wonderful little document that delves into the deepest, darkest pits of human psyche. The kind of place I love to wallow. Who am I? Why, I am the one and only, wonderfully twisted, amazingly talented Dr. Hale Masters. Doctorate of psychology before anyone, and they always do, assumed I know how to fix a cut. I simply know how to make them. Yes, I spent a while as a... butcher. Yes, a skill that comes in handy in this place, plenty of fresh meat.

Anyways, now that introductions are over, you nosy reader (Thought I assume I am dead if you are reading this, so good shot I suppose!) I am here on business and pleasure, it is my personal love to mess with person's mind. You'd be surprised how both durable and sensitive the human brain is. Once someone breaks, they remain broken. There is no turning back, and that is where the fun begins. Wading in the mess of thoughts once someone's mental damn breaks, for that is the science behind the madness. One can only take so much mental abuse. Sadly my job is easy here, with the pesky living dead most people have already had more stress than normal. It only takes some minor... prodding to break someone. Both a blessing and a curse, I am able to indulge on my vacation.

Well, enough now. I will keep my journal updated as often as possible. Even I need to keep my thoughts straight.


Doctor Hale D. Masters

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Quite good, and disturbing, rp i got from Dr.Hale yesterday. Keep up the good work!

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