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Rogério SkyLab

GUID Registering Problem?

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I just registered my GUID for the Standalone server. So i hop into Steam, open the DayZSA tab and "Play Now".

Once I get into the game, I use Remote IP Finding to reach the server faster, place the password given in the official topic, and finally, when I was filled with courage!!! I surprise myself, as I see that "I am not whitelisted". Wot?

I checked and Re-Checked my GUID from the Standalone to the Whitelist page. I did use the command "#beclient guid". I wrote it down, and once the GUID was on the screen, I took a screenshot with DXstory. And them, wrote it down on the page.

I have sure that I didn't miss any character from the GUID, but I still have the Whitelist problem. It's been somewhat 10 minutes since the white-listing. Do I have to wait more time for an ADM set up my GUID, or I need to wait til re-start the server?

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The admins have to update the whitelist manually, so they only do it a few times a day as it requires a server restart to do so. Try again later, and it should be done by then.

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As Rick says unlike the mod the standalone whitelist has to be done manually so wait a couple hours today and you should be able to play by tonight.

Marking as solved.

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