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James de Vries's backstory

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Hi my name is James,

i'm 39 years old and i work as a social worker.

well at least i used to.

I was just visiting a client at her home, her boyfriend was sick.

It was flu season so a lot of people where sick not a big deal right? even my daughter was sick, she always had a bad immune system so she was sick a lot. my wife and son where never sick just like me. anyway, after talking to my client for about 15 minutes we heard some weird noises from the bedroom. she went to check it out and when she entered she started screaming. i was shocked and got up to see what was going on. but before i could walk over the boyfriend jumped on my client and started biting her neck.. right their in front of me. i was not sure if he just didn't see me or if he didn't care if i saw it. i panicked i started running straight to my car. when is was in my car i just sat their for a few seconds making sure i wasn't just dreaming. i wasn't... After that i called the cops, but they told me it was happening all over town and nobody knew why or how. They told me should go home and close all doors and windows and stay there.

Then they came for me my client and her boyfriend ran out of the house both screaming like crazy. they came straight for me!! i had to go, i had to run! so i started my car and drove of as fast as i could. they chased me for about 600 meters. the sounds they made where barley even human.

I went straight home, when i parked my car in the driveway is saw that the door was open, why was the front door open?

I ran in and started yelling for my wive : Sarah!! honey! where are you Sarah!! no one answered. i went upstairs our bedroom was empty. then i went to check on my daughter. when i opened the door i saw here... her skin was grey their was blood everywhere, and the knife.. i started puking, till this day it's the most horrible thing i have ever seen. someone stabbed her in the eye! and the knife clearly reached her brains.

someone had killed my daughter.. why?

And where are my wife and son?

that's why i'm here. i have to find them.. i just have to.

thanks for reading please let me know what you think.

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