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Jack Bandit

Ravencroft Psychiatric Patient File: James Kassidy

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Name: James Kassidy

Age: 36

Nationality: US Citizen

Height: 5'9

Weight: 235 lbs


  • at age 8 patient witnessed his father murdered and mother raped by bedroom intruder
  • at age 12 patient has emotional breakdown and brutally stabs his mother to death while she slept
  • at age 15 patient has been contained in local boys home where patient stabs another resident with fork apparently for teasing him about his red hair
  • at age 18 patient is transferred to the Ravenscroft Asylum located in New York where he is treated by a Dr. Rosenstein hoping for a breakthrough
  • at age 25, patient shows no sign of improvement leading Dr. Rosenstein to prepare transfer to another specialist in Chernarus
  • after a few years of preparation, at age 35 patient manages to kill Dr. Rosenstein after malfunction in restraints asking "Have you ever danced with the devil under the pale light of the moon?"
  • at age 36 patient is ready to be transferred to Chernarus facility

Additional Notes

Patient James Kassidy should be considered very dangerous. Patient also is very intelligent and cunning, with a very high IQ. Never bring up the incident about his mother and father, causes patient to go into a frenzy and accusing mother of being a whore. Patient also has an addiction to cigarettes, coffee and chewing gum.

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