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Seth Shadows

The Journal of Shadows (Part 1: The Story Begins)

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*You find a note inside the front cover of the dark journal it reads*

I hope you can learn something from this and maybe something about the person I'm am or should I say was. You are about to read from the journal of Seth Shadows and the Shadows that shrouded my life.

Entry 3:

There is no point in me even writing in this anymore but Maria wanted me to always write in it and this is all I have left to remember her by and I'm not ready to let go of her yet. So I've finally arrived here in Chernarus, it's cold and wet, god I hate the cold and the rain just makes it colder, I guess I hate the rain too, so I've arrived in this cold dead country overrun by these creatures and bandits who justify themselves by hiding behind the fact that the world is coming to a close which gives them the go ahead to send this world to its end quicker, but I guess I can't judge anyone I have done some horrible things, but I'm not ready to tell you about that yet, I'm hold up in a small camp near Cherno the people in it seem friendly enough and the bandits and clans tend not to raid or take control of the camp so its safe enough to stay for a couple days while I write in this. I'm not sure what I should tell you first maybe I should tell you about before all this? before all of the darkness?

So my name is Seth, Seth Shadows I grew up in a city that used to be known as Melbourne before all this, It's in Australia a country far away from this place, sadly It wasn't left unaffected by all this, If you are ever able to get of here you should go and visit it, it won't be as glamorous as it was before all this but it's warm and still holds its own kind of beauty. Anyway I grew up in Melbourne, it wasn't an easy start and it certainly wasn't a good start but it was a start and it was the kind of start that teaches you to appreciate every little thing you have, I was raised by my mother mainly, my dad wasn't around much, I mean I got to see him sometimes but he never had a real interest in me, so it was pretty much just me and my mum, she did everything should could to make money to keep us going while I was young, once I got older around 14 i started doing odd jobs for the gangs in melbourne it was bad working for the gangs but it kept mum and myself alive.

After working for the gangs for a few years until I was 20 I think, things had been pretty stable but one day my life changed forever, during one of my usual jobs of transferring money from one place to another, I arrived at the drop zone where a few members of a rival gang had been waiting for me, I was knocked unconscious and awoke in a dark room with a dirty blood covered rag wrapped around my eyes, I sat in the room for what felt like hours alone, afraid, wondering what was going to happen to me, eventually a man entered the room and removed the rag from my face he was dressed in a sharp suit with a blood red tie, he didn't look like a member of any of the gangs he was too well dressed and when he spoke it was like looking into the eyes of your primary school principal, you didn't know why you were scared but you knew this person wasn't someone to mess with, He spoke with a strong Russian accent.

"Hello, My name is Victor Ulric, I'am the right hand of Adam Shalashaska a very powerful man in Chernarus, I have been sent here to "convince" the gangs in melbourne to turn their leadership over to him and for the ones who don't well lets just say there is no need for them on this earth if they refuse, anyway the reason you were taken was because the gang you have been helping has been, how do you say, bad for business and Mr Shalashaska doesn't like when business is bad, so we have taken you because we know your not a direct part of the group you are just assisting them because you and your mother need the money, so I have decided that these people trust you to deliver and receive packages for them, so I want you to take this box and deliver it directly to their leader and in return you and your mother will be more wealthy than you could imagine, I'm going to assume that you agree with what I have offered you so take this and you can leave"

I'm sorry to stop the story here but its late and I am quite tired I will continue this story another night.

(I would like to apologise for the shortness of this entry, the abrupt ending to it and that its all over the place I was struggling to think of a decent beginning but I would like to assure everyone that these will get better in time to come when I have progressed into the story of Seth Shadows more, I have pre planned a lot of this story which should interest a lot of people I hope and if my whitelist is accepted the future entries will have my involvments in the DayZRP world in there, I hope you have enjoyed reading what I have written so far)

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