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The Life Of Albert Smith

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(Shall be posting post in this thread 2-3 times a week about my journey, I wish people to send PM's if they wish to tell me anything. Thank you).

Entry #1

I woke up, The air smelled of burning flesh, all I could think to myself was "This world, what could it possibly turn into". I quickly turn my head to only see forest and some nearby shrubs, my vision had already been quite blurry. I have no whereabouts of my location.

Searching around the area, I notice non of my original comrades, I only see a sleeping back but it seems foot prints are all around me, but no one seems to be anywhere, I can only think that I could have been here awhile. I'm not sure how long but I must been kept here for some reason. Slowly I stand up, a sharp pain flows down my back. Which seems alright since I may have been asleep for along time, maybe in a coma. Though I do remember these forest, I believe I am in the forest outside of Berezino, but it's to early to be sure, I must get a better reading. Sharp pains fill my stomach, my mouth is dry and I'm sadly not producing enough saliva for my throat to get moist, I feel quite dizzy.

As I make my way through the rough terrain and deep brush of the tree's, I slowly make my way to a open field, well from what I see in the brush. I slowly spring from the brush, all I can see is a ocean and a open field. Im at the lumber mill, well at least close by, but I do see many infected, these were never a problem for me. But by the looks of it there is not a big population of them anymore. Making my way into the Mill, I slowly come across many of the infected but one only one notices me, he stares me into the eyes, as I stare back. I can only see a sharp fear and a lust for flesh as I stare back, he storms at me, making a sharp run for the tree's I slip, at this point I felt like I could already see the light. He struts to me, slowly I pull my legs back kicking his back, as I quickly make my way to my feet making a run for the apartments by the church.

Soon, I have made it finally to berezino, forgetting the apartments, I quickly run to the hospital, oddly outside of one of the buidlings infront of the hospital I find a bekas a odd shotgun soon then I start, making my way up the ladder. I take a slow breath as my heart beats fast. The infected just want my flesh, they are even waiting for me at the bottom of the ladder "How sweet". But my horror has not started yet, after taking a small breathe, I hear a fuzzy noise, sounds like a van. I was not sure of it yet. A man comes to me slowly but not up the ladder I see him from the hospital ledge. The man yells to me "Please I wish for you to comply and drop your gear." I soon reply like any other smart person would, I declined. Usually I would but Its time for me to fight back.

I think to myself, what a wonderful world this is people fighting people, minutes slowly go by, I lay down slightly behind cover. times slowly goes by and I hear a second request, more time slowly goes by as this time I hear gun shots and they are aimed at me. Well im safe of course behind cover. I shivy backwards to the tower, the highest point of the hospital. I slightly peek over seeing one of them running, I peek over slowly and take a shot at him, I see a small splatter, really not knowing if he is down or not. At this point I decide to take a a leap and slowly climb down the ladder, but oddly I hear more shots, but there not mine. Not really knowing what went on I make my way to a small house, this is where I shall hide for the next few minutes or until the shots are done.

Minutes slowly go by, about 20 minutes later after the shots have already been done I make my way out, only to feel a sharp pain in my shoulder. I slightly look down to only see red spurring from my arm, Dammit they got a shot on me. I soon take some gaugse and some wipes and slowly clean the wound not really even doing my best, I bandage myself and continue on. Well I was right, there were gun shots but people helping me it seems, not sure how or why but somehow a fight broke out, and I just see bodies of the same men who attacked me layed out in the fields of berezino. My only option here is to take what I could get, I leaned over and found the essentials mostly the prized weapon was a AK-107, I take this of course and keep a side arm also.

The van was quite damage so I decide to take a leap of faith and see if I could find some supplies in the nearby barn quite close to me. But only to hear shouting at me from a Odd sounding loud mouth, only telling me to show them ID, I follow his orders and slowly show my ID, oddly these people were wondering the same thing, where the shots came from and who shot them. The mans name was Jack Abbots, he seemed nice, not really sure what the other fellow's name was though. Soon at this point I felt like I wanted to faint. He soon yells, his shout fills my ears, as he basically drags me along, well soon after he gets a fair share at the gear the bodies had. Soon later we ran to the oddly colored ambulance, a fire truck red, but it was about the size of a van. Pains fill my back slowly as im being pushed into the van, the feeling of fatigue, and the feeling of the light coming slowly to my eyes.

At this point I am feeling light headed, as the van bumps slowly, my body shifting down, I feel my blood rushing and lack of oxygen. I slump my head down and slowly my eyes shut. I have passed out, before passing out I hear Jack say “Its alright Albert we will get you to safety”. I lay there in waste, I have slow visions of my due past, My days in the war efforts, then jumps to seeing my family get eaten alive, Its quite disgusting. I feel a large thump, I slowly open my eyes, I slowly come in and out of my small coma soon to reach full embrace of my sight as one of the men in the van smack me in the face, I slightly cough, I look down as I felt a splatter, I look down to only see a bright red splatter of blood, pure red blood. Slowly I peer outside, closing and opening my eyes. We are at Solice or so that Is what they call it. To myself all I know is I am about to die, it is very near, I can hear Jack yelling “We need a doctor”. Dr. Brandon swiftly comes over putting me into a chloroform coma, and slowly I fall into a deep sleep. Not really knowing what happened my last taste of vision was Jack my savior.

I wake up only to see Dr. Brandon, laying over me, I am now laying down on a cot, only to be able to see and soon I saw Jack. My Savior.

(Please send me a PM and let me know how I could do better in writing it or if you liked it.)

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