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Tales from Chernarus (old thread)

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That's one ugly wife you had, Ed. <.

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All my upvotes. Gotta go find my jaw now ... think I dropped it on the floor somewhere.

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((Feb 12, 2013 :: Alright, the first AND second chapter is up! I decided to do each issue in small segments, so 3 pages at a time. Still working out some kinks, as well as figuring out how to post all this in the most logical way. My IRL plans got switched and had time this morning to do the 2nd chapter, so the 3rd chapter will be finished in a few days. Enjoy!

Also, thanks everyone for the very kind words! I'm happy you guys are enjoying it. Hoping to make it continue to get better and more in depth with Issue #2 and the second story. I don't have an Issue #3 planned yet, but I think I have an idea and it will be a little different from #1 and #2. Stay tuned!))

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