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[Website] Personal Stats

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Now I'm not sure if this is a feature somewhere on the site that I'm just not aware of yet.

Though the leader boards are nice to look at, I'd like to know my personal stats. I wanna see if during my life I kill 1000 zombies or how many bandits or hero's I've killed.

I might just be obsessed with stats but I think this would be a nice touch to add to the site.

If this is already a feature, as I said, I'm unaware of, any mod feel free to delete the post :P

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Well since the latest patch (I think) you can look at your zombie kills and such by pressing [scroll lock] within the game. But it only shows your current life stats and not the actual IG time that you have spent on that character.

It would be cool if you could have all your personal stats available from the website!

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Bumping because good idea :)

^ This

Not to give Rolle more work, but this honestly wouldn't actually be that hard to Implement. All you would have to do is get the stats and the page based off a players PID. All he'd have to do is make a form and have it automatically fill up with the stat info.

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