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194.38 - Norsefire Frequency

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*Ktzzztk - a small buzz comes through*

"This is Chief Ambassador Cavendish of the Norsefire Party, broadcasting from the foundations of Compound 5. If you have concerns or queries, voice them on this frequency. I'll set up a new frequency for Compound 5 specific reports once it's complete. For now, friends and foes. England prevails!"

*The voice cuts suddenly, leaving the frequency in silence...*

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*Harold turns his radio on and switches to this frequency*

"This is the one? The one those "Norsefire" people use?"

*The frightened voice of a man is heard nearby*

"Ye... yes... I've told you what you want now please! Le-lele let me go like you said!"

"As you wish, I will let you go to hell like I promised."

"But you said..."

*A gunshot and the other man screaming is heard*

Hello Norsefire, this is Harold Hazburg speaking and its a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I will keep things short and simple, I know of your ideals and values and just love everything about them. The discipline, strength being above all, militarism, I couldn't agree more with your ideology. But back to business.

I've heard your one of the groups of people searching for someone to help them with a cure... a scientist/doctor. We should arrange a meeting because I would be more than willing to help the Party if they did some simple personal favors for me in return.

I think you will find we can benefit greatly from working together. Hope to hear from you soon.

*Harold throws his radio and you can still hear him in the distance*

"Five! Kill the rest of the hostages!"

*Frantic laughter, gunshots and screaming are heard in the distance*

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*Darren takes his radio out of his back pocket and places it to his mouth*

*He clicks the radio on and you hear his voice*

"Good evening Harold,

This is Ambassador Darren Rotheremere speaking. I am the Diplomatic secretary for the Norsefire Party. I'm willing to accept your meeting proposal as long as the following terms are adhered to."

*You hear paper crumpling in the background*

"Okay, so the terms are as follows"

*Darren clears his throat*

"1. Only two representatives of your group may be present for the discussions.

2. You treat the High Chancellor with the utmost respect.

3. We, the Norsefire party will decide the time and date and will contact you when we are ready.

Now, Mr. Harold, If you can follow the terms that I've just mentioned, we should be fine to have a meeting. Until then, farewell."

*The radio goes silent*

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*Harold listens eagerly to the Norsefire response*

"Greetings again Norsefire and thank you so much for your response. The terms you listed are perfectly acceptable to me. I would show your Chancellor respect anyway if we were to be working together, I do not see the need to bring an army of followers so two should suffice, and as long as the meeting takes place I don't care who schedules it."

"I look forward to our working together."

*Harold switches his radio off*

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