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My Standalone Character(new story same name)

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So i noticed the standalone sub forum does not have a story/lore section so im sharing my tweaked story with you all. (what you are about to read is pulled from a Group Idea ive been working on. it still in the works) I'd like to call this my side character for standalone as on standalone(primarily) a new character with the last name Norton. Without further ado I hope you enjoy the read:

Note: Names and places are still WiP as ive always felt that the grocery stores in this game werent run like a 7/11(you buy the name 7/11 and run the place yourself i think; private contracting i guess?)

The day of the outbreak Tony Fonzerelli had a "business meeting" with the man who owns the string of grocery stores in Chernarus.

He and an "employee", who only needs to be known as Sean, had taken a plane and arrived at the North East Air Field, where the man who owned the stores, lived in a near by city of the airstrip called Krasnostav.

Tony was a "COO" for an "Insurance Agency" back in the states who had made friends with an "affiliate" from Chernarus.

Tony and Sean met up with a man representing the "affiliates" to help with translating.

Just before the deal was settled during the aforementioned "Business meeting" the CEO/owner of Chernarus grocery stepped out for a smoke.

As the door closed a loud scream was heard with the sounds of Gurgling. Blood Swept under the door, blanketing the fresh white tile of the mans house.

Before they could open the door it was rushed by 3 walking corpses, a gust of wind slammed the door shut.

The 3 men went to raise their guns from their coats when the Translator gets tackled by 2 of the walking corpses, dropping him to the floor instantly. Sean kills off the 1 coming at them, then shoots one off the Translator as the other zombie ontop of him starts to feast on his flesh. "Help me!" The Translator proclaims, but its already too late.

Tony looks at his partner and screams "We gotta get da hell outta here! Get Jimmy on the phone! Tell em it didnt woik out! We need a ride from the airport pronto!"

The back door flies open and the 2 men jump over the now dead Grocery Store CEO and run into the woods wondering what exactly they are dealing with.

As Sean hits send on his phone and puts it up to his ear.... Nothing but silence fills the line. He checks his signal; its dead.

Off in the distance large plumes of smoke can be seen.

"One of da towas musta been hit! this place is a fuckin mad house!"

Zombies start to rush their position

Sean looks at Tony "We had better keep moving Tony, we need that service to make this call and the battery is almost dead! I don't want to be stuck here and I doubt you do either!"

a near-by offroad truck is seen not too far away from their location, pointing at it while running Sean follows immediately. and Tony's street smarts kick in and her hotwires it faster then a finger snaps.

They decide to just head straight to the airport; as they approach the crest of the hill before the Airstrip, screams can be heard. At the top of the hill they look down at the airport; their faces stunned and annoyed.

"Well Sean; I'd ehhh say we're fucked." Tony lights up a cigarette to calm down, looking over at Sean who is oddly not concerned a bit.


Sean is smiling looking almost droned out, looking at his hands as if he had never seen them in his whole life

"Sean! What the fuck man of all the times to trip out! You chose now?!"

Sean giggles "What? Oh! He chuckles to himself "No--- I took my acid just before that grocery store guy went for his smoke. I guess you weren't looking."

Tony holds his head in frustration, not wondering how Sean got the drugs through the airport to Chernarus, and checks Sean & his only phone and its dead.

The truck is thrown into reverse, getting them away from the airfield; they start blindly driving, never being in this part of the world before.

"Wonder whats in the glove box..." Sean slurs as he reaches for it

A map is pulled from the glove box, Tony noticing proclaims in a frenzy

"well if da town was ehh full of walking dead people, that should mean we're in one of those stupid movies my nephew loved to watch..."

Tony, suddenly realising the situation, flicks the butt of his cigarette out the window with a grin "Looks like we're in charge now Sean, waddaya say we get to ehh... know da locals..."

Just a sample project really.

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