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Love the server :D

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Just before the emergency restart, a heli landed near me and my buddies camp. I was 100% sure they saw our camp, due to the shiny blue van. xD

After restart I saw them slowly flying over the area where the car was, and it stood still for a while. It didn't move for a while so either 2 men dropped or they got out when it landed, they took our UAZ which we had been using just before, I took a warning shot at them with my CZ. The driver got out and ran to the heli. The other guy remained in the uaz, so I killed him.

Then it took off, and I thought everything was fine. But I was wrong... the action had not even started yet.. Originally the plan was to logout and take a break for today.. but their presence near our vehicles could not be ignored. So we had to group up on them, and that was when the real battle was about to begin.

The heli came back, and it dropped a guy on a mountain in the far distance, he was equipped with a DMR wearing a ghillie.

I was checking the corpse of the guy who didn't leave our vehicle, he had a DMR as well.

I was hiding behind the UAZ as the ghillie guy and I exchanged bullets. Then I noticed someone was trying to run off with our S1203 van, both me and my buddy was firing at him, the thief died. Then the big bad boss came into play, the guy who was flying the Helicopter he himself came down to fight us with his AS50 or M107 (50cal), he blew up our UAZ. But little did they know because meanwhile I had moved into another location, I adjusted my aim to take out the 50cal guy. He took 1 bullet and tried to roll into cover, but didn't last for long before he got the final bullet from my newfound DMR that their former comrade had(50cal guy logged out after he died, so his corpse could not be looted). Meanwhile my buddy had been sneaking up on them, but the ghillie suited guy backed away slowly he was out of my range, I laid there watching he he and my buddy was firing at each other, tried desperately to assist but the range exceeded the milidots I had on my scope. They were both taking cover and tried to bandage their wounds, as the ghillie guy stopped to bandage I tried firing at him again, and just as I figured how high I should aim he was on the move again, going down the hill sight of my sight and my buddy could not see him either. My buddy went into their heli, and went to scout after him, but then I heard another heli. These guys did not play for fun, either they desperately want our vehicles or they want revenge. I warned my buddy who was flying, he started to move away while they were chasing him. I noticed they dropped 1 guy down into the forest where I was hiding and where our vehicles was located, the guy was having a bandit headwrap on, so this would either be one of the guys we had killed or more reinforcements, either way it was an enemy to us. The helicopter started to open fire against my buddy who was flying the heli, so my buddy tried to escape them. Meanwhile I tried to shoot down the parachuting reinforcements, and locating his position. He was no where to be found, just as he landed, he was gone. Lost sight of him and the ghillie guy who had been gone for a while. I was against 2 people I could not see, and I never found them. :( Sadly our story ended sad, I had to go due to irl reasons so I did not have the time to play hide and seek for 30min+ and my buddy crashed the heli I was told. So they won the battle, and probably took everything.

But we have no idea who they were, but they had to be well organized.

Wearing soldier uniforms, ghillie and being well armed for combat, and had a lot of supplies in their backpack, they was clearly hostile.

Me and my buddy enjoyed this engagement A LOT, was really fun. Even though we lost the final battle, we had no idea how many and how organized they were.

Kind regard the 2 heroes who were being robbed, by what seemed to be a well organized terrorist group.

2 HUEYs .. damn, and 50cal sniper rifles. We did not expect that kind of fire power.

inb4 TLDR.

But that engagement was awesome, yet quite sad. Since we lost our stuff... But I love the server :D

(Sorry for typos, busy finishing IRL stuff so we can get back into the game, and see what's left of the battlefield.)

Seeing my humanity on the forum, it would appear I lost my hero skin D:

It was 2 men vs 8 players (at least)

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Sounds like you had an encounter with the S-GRU. Be thankful; you got off lightly. However, I'm sure you're on a list now, and bound for their gulag and eventual execution. Please stay away from me. Thank you. And enjoy the remainder of your time in this vale of tears.

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Not sure how to view pictures.

Well now that is belongs to history I will elaborate on casualties.

It was 2v8, The 2 hero guys(me and my buddy) did not die in this encounter.

I got about 3 kills, and I've confirmed hits on 4 different plays. One of those kills I share with my buddy, both firing at the guy who went away in the S1203, but considering I ended up with the most negative humanity I believe I got the kill.

The guy with the ghillie suit went down along the coast, running away from the battle field.(Deserter or tactical retreat?) and there was a guy with who parachuted from the second heli, not sure if I hit him while he was falling down. I lost sight of him after he landed, and my buddy had to escape from the heli.

The end result was that GRU had 3 confirmed dead terrorists, and we escaped the encounter without getting harmed.

My buddy who flew the heli and crashed survived miraculously, although he thought he was dead.

After a few hours it chilled, and we went back and see the S1203. We went to get medical supplies. On our way there we met a fresh spawn(just before cherno) who asked for help, his buddy needed morphine. Little did we know but we stepped right into an ambush(Winchester + Lee Enfield), we both got killed and we took 2 of them down before we died, a guy with a lee enfield. And that was how our lives ended. So.. we kinda lost everything, even the last vehicle you didn't wanted :P

I feel little embarrassed dying to that. My buddy was too kind hearted and stopped the car. xD

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