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The other survivalist that washed up

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Hello all, sorry i cant write as awesome of a story as my partner there but im T, and im really looking forward to meeting yall in game, and hopefully we can come up with some more awesome stories for all

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Hello and welcome to the community!

You have problems / questions, don't be shy, go ahead and ask them :P

Good luck with your application and hope to see you ingame soon :)

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Hello and welcome to the community.

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Hey amigo!

First off welcome to DayZRP! The community here is awesome and the staff is very helpful!

Here is a list of staff members, the ones in Orange are the best to talk to when it comes to all your questions and such!

If you are looking to join any groups this will be your best place to start looking! The B-17 is the friendliest group on here and we have a great dental plan!

In addition here is a list of places where you may find other players to RP with!

Just remember to always check your available exits when in a building! Those zombies can really screw you in a tight spot! Good Luck!

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