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Launcher/Patcher Immediately Crashing?

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I'm trying to install the update and the launcher/patcher is immediately crashing.. I manually installed the older version last week when I rejoined DayzRP, and I am now trying to update to the newer version, was told that the patcher was an easy way to do this, so I downloaded it (again) and ran the new version. It started working for a minute but then it crashed. Now whenever I try to open it, it immediately crashes and I cannot update. What is wrong? How do I fix this?

EDIT: I read another thread about DayZRP launcher problems and tried what was suggested there, running as admin, but it did not work. Still crashing immediately.

Nevermind.. I'm so stupid.. I still had Arma 2 open.


This is solved.

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Solution: Arma 2 was running, make sure to turn it off when updating.

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