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My journey to damnation - Diaries of Namalsk

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I have no intention of anyone ever getting their eyes on these pages, so if you're reading this, either you're a thief of the highest class... or you did an amazing job in killing me.

Whatever is the case, it's most likely that we won't meet.

My name is Jonathan Burdock. I'm an ex-security guard at a local grocery store.

My story of survival isn't epic or amazing, breathtaking or dramatic.

When shit hit the fan I was working, had a double-barrel shotgun and a makarov with 3 bullets in my "office". It was more than enough to keep the trouble to a minimum here.

First came the early looters to steal anything that could have had any value in the old world. This time period is when I wasted all the ammunition that I had.

Later came the families, survivors. Looking for food, shelter.

It's a good thing they didn't know that I ran out of bullets.

I lived off the food that was left inside for weeks, then.. well, obvious.. I ran out.

No one comes to Namalsk and it seems I was one of the stupid ones to stay.

After I left the shop, had to settle somewhere.

I set up a little camp on one of the mountains, good view of the bridge connecting the islands.

See, I survive by observing. If someone comes through the bridge I stay away.

Thats the secret.

Always has been.

This one day I saw a figure comming through the bridge. As always took out my binoculars that I've borrowed from the shop.

It was a man. Didn't look like much..

Glasses, backpack. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Been following him for months now and I know this makes no sence to my way of surviving, but he could be a potential friend, I have a feeling he might me.

Or maybe I'm just tired of being alone.

I'm even writing this down while keeping my eye on his campfire.

I'll engage tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

Oh wait.. If you're reading this, I guess it didn't work out all that well.

Let's just hope you're a thief.

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