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Chekov's Journal

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Today sadly, I misplaced my white sedan. I'm happy I didn't leave all my good gear in it when I left to hunt. Once I noticed it was "stolen" I ran straight over to to the "Outpost" and asked pretty much every CR there if they have seen a white sedan pass through.

When I finally went searching for it I went with me instincts and I traveled east but within 5 minutes of getting out of the "outpost" I was stopped by the SVR, atleast I think it was them since they had the red berets I am told they have. After all the bad rumors the SVR aren't as bad as they seem, they stopped me and notified me I am following their rules and following their weapon regulations, they even told me some tips on cleaning the magazine of my AK-74! It makes me feel kind-of good hearing from some nice people, it reminds me of the days before the infection came.

After they said goodbye I had bumped into an old tractor, not just old but armored! The moment I saw it I hopped right in the drivers seat and drove to the trading post, I like this vehicle 10 times better than the sedan, it even has a gunners seat that I can use to hunt with!

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