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Server time (UTC): 2021-10-22 19:13

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  • Legend

Top right is your local time.

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Ah my local time? That was what I was thinking, it's just that when someone says they are going to be playing at a time based off GMT then I wasn't sure what time that would be...

Edit: Thanks for your help my question got answered with the help of google! A quick crash course on UTC/GMT helped...

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  • Emerald

I fucking hate England due to the GMT.

England is not longer the world's center!

Logically its between Europe and America.

Same can be said for Lisbon.

If it was moved you could be like "They are not the world's center!"

Why move it? Most maps are like that anyway.

Also its pretty much the only place where the world map can be centered on that doesn't cut a land mass in half at the sides as it would if it were centered on central Europe, USA or Asia.

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  • Legend

I live a 10 minute walk from Greenwich.

I am the most GMT here.


Iceland also runs on GMT.

Oh, but I'm not there. Yet.

Yes, I'm mad.

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