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Hey guys, sorry too

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Hey guys

A couple weeks ago (I think?) I decided to take a break due to other important IRL reasons and also because I was quite hot headed and angry with the staff because because I got a few warning points.

In all honesty I want take back everything I said, I was clearly not thinking straight at the time and I feel I may have burned a few bridges. I apologize for the inconvenience a couple weeks ago from me acting like a child and hope to make it up to everyone who may have been angry or I may have insulted somehow.

But, I am back. If you see me give me a call I'd love to RP with anyone. After all that's what were here for, right?

This community is amazing, if not the best and to throw away something so great would be very unfortunate.


-PS- Staff, I am sorry for my incompetence; won't happen agian

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A week in Internet time is like ... ten years. More sometimes.

Don't sweat it mate. We're not known for holding grudges. Well, most of us ....

So welcome back. Hope you enjoy it here.

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