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Single Core Performance FX-8320 On Arma

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Clammy    0

My brother is looking over the internet and he has had no look as of yet, he is torn between an i5 4670 or the FX-8320 as for performance.

On toms hardware it suggest that as it only uses single cores for gaming, but the price is quite a huge step between the two cpu's.

Has anyone got the fx 8320 and can I have some advice, whether it is recommended or not?

This will partner a R9 280x 3GB GPU


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I have an 8320 with a gtx660 has run fine for me no problems so far. One piece of advice definitely buy an aftermarket cooler like a hyper evo 212+. I didn't at first at you get some very bad temps but also the thermal paste they use is awful and I ended up in a situation where I had to pull the cpu out of its socket along with the stock fan because they had glued themselves together.

Overall 8320 is great and will run dayz well enough just buy an aftermarket, lf course that adds to the price so its something to consider.

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Intel all the way, as someone who came from an FX8350 to Intel it was like my computer was given a new lease of life. In particular in DayZSA my FPS tripled.

i5 4690 right now is a great purchase. I know Shakya went from the 8120 to that CPU and he was amazed how much better games ran. Invest in Intel.

This chart was a huge help for me: https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html

Ctrl+F both CPU's and you'll see the difference there.

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Cedrea    1

I myself use a i5 4690 and I can confirm that it is a very good CPU. It your case has proper air flow then a aftermarket cooler isn't needed at all, but you know, if you're one of those people who likes to keep his components in good conditions I recommend buying one. My case is a pretty cheap one, it has two vents on it and in idle the CPU temperature is around 35-40 and in full load maybe 80 after a while(an hour at least) with the stock cooler.

With a r9 270x 2GB GPU these are the fps I get:

Dayz Standalone: framerate does not go less than 30 anywhere. Usually 30-40 in big cities like Cherno, 40-50 in smaller cities like Berezino and around 60-90 in wilderness

DayzRP mod: 40+ frames in any city. 60-70 everywhere else.

Arma 3(didn't test it properly yet): Around 30-50 without much optimisation.

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