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25.01.2013: I waked up at 7 AM, my kids are already awake and scurry around. After a short breakfast, I am on my way to work. In my Mercedes „SLS AMG GT“, a wonderful car!

I arrived at my company, people greeting me: „Good morning Dr.Oetker, how are you?“ Nobody knows how much I hate this question, whatever. „Fine and you?“ I answer always.

After arrival behind my desk, I face tons of paperwork. Accursed! So I start to classify it. After a while I have a interesting envelope in my hands. It's from my cargo shipping department! Magnificent! Must be my new yacht!

I push the button of my intercom: “Mrs. Müller, I am off the office for the rest of that day. Please cancel all my meetings for today ... and the next 2 weeks. ... And have a nice weekend!” “What? ... OK, Good bye Dr.Oetker.” she answer.

After a short car trip I arrive at the harbor of Hamburg. On my way there I told my wife to come over to Hamburg with the kids. 6 hours and lots of persuasion and bickering later we were on our way to the Mediterranean Sea to our final destination. Istanbul!

07.02.2013: We passed Greece to the west and Turkey to the east and headed north to the Black Sea. Hours later we faced a huge storm. I tried to turn around the yacht and reach a save harbor at Izmir, but that storm was way to fast and heavy. The last thing I can remember is us, jumping into our Survival Suits. I told my family to go under deck. 2 Minutes later a big wave tug me away.

Date unknown: I found my self at a beach. Am I OK? Short check! Yes, I am fine. But I got a beard now??? … I look around. Doesn't look like Greece or Turkey. Looks more like France. Where I am? Where is my family! God dammit! I need to find them! I check my Survival Suit: a flashlight, a can of noodles and a backpack... Well...

I can see a village at the horizon, think my best chance is to find a phone. After 1 hour I almost arrive at that village. I can see people walking around. … That city limit sign looks strange. … Cyrillic letters?!? WTF? Where I am??? …

In that second I recognize that a person is running towards me. … He looks pretty strange. Like those figures in the video games from my kids. What was the name? Left 4 Dead? ... His mandible was missing and one eye was gone?!? O.o HOLY! ... I decide to run like hell...

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