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Guest Gyborg

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Well, the webpage force to me say hi,. So HI! :D

I am Beginner for the whole game, and i have been trying several servers for two day now, but when i join in the game someone shoot me instantly.

I decided to play in the "empty" servers and learn it a lil bit, And i enjoy it a far more than those "noob hunter" servers..

Then i heard about "RP" server and tough "why not" seems good to me ;)

I am not sure yet, how "hardcore" roleplaying this is.. My game's is based on Roleplaying for Hardcore way.. [example Neverwinter Nights]

So i think i will get the "feeling" of how the RP works on the server in few conversation later.. i am looking forward to it ;)

Oh and i was happy to hear our neighborhood country have made this brilliant idea ; )

So, for shortly: Hi everyone!

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Welcome to the server.

The roleplaying on this server is far from hardcore at the moment, but soon the server shall be launching a customized version of the dayZ mod along with a new version of the rules that should improve the roleplaying element of the game.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time here and I can assure you that you will meet me and my clan ingame at some point in your journey.

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Ah i see, well atleast there is some point of Roleplaying wich make it more Co-Op than other servers, or atleast i hope so.

Im waiting forward to realise i have been aimed in the head for time by the S-Gru Clan withouth realising it before someone order me to stop running like a headless chicken ;)

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