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Salvation City

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I'm sure you all have seen the new DayZ Origins with the Salvation City. It's guarded by NPC's that are very well armed. Normally 5 to a bunch. The entire city is surrounded by a concrete wall with one main entrance and only 1 small hole in the wall that I know of. They don't seem to be very difficult to take out but i thought it would just add an amazing aspect to the RP server.

So what I'm suggesting is our own Salvation City guarded by NPC's.

Pros and Cons?


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  • Sapphire

Also, don't use massive concrete walls, unless it's establishment is supported by a Government back story/influence.

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The concrete walls is what makes it so prominent. It could be a no kill zone for pvp. Only kill npcs. Its also difficult to get to. You need a heli or a boat to get to it. The distance is way too far to swim.

I think if the npcs were difficult to kill they should have better weapons than just all aks.

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Limited loot percentage? Maybe only one in every 5-10 NPC bodies drop something useful? If the bigger clans want to farm, let them... they'll just have to take twice as long doing it, and will have to decide whether it's easier to pursue normal loot methods.

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It would fall to the lone-wolves to either: a. Sneak in, work around the clans, and get out; or b. Organize a loot run with other lone-wolvess/small clans for mutual gain.

Another question, would these NPCs be considered 'good', and thus count toward negative humanity?

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